Why I no longer deliver the Avatar Course

In response to a question on why I no longer associate with Avatar I have previously given the following answer which has been edited for clarity purposes.

My process of waking up and leaving Avatar was simply that, “a process”
Unfortunately people who leave Avatar and speak out are sent hate mail by some of the unbalanced few and slapped with a law suit by Stars Edge if they reveal any of the confidential materials so one needs to tread carefully.

There were a few things that built over time for me as warning signs about the group I now consider a Multi- Level Marketing Cult (not a particularly dangerous one compared to some others, but a cult none the less).
1. The regular team of people I worked with (around 20 of them) were a great group when everything was going well and we were either on course together or trying to generate students for the next course. In stark contrast to this if I was struggling in any way not to do directly with Avatar there was zero support. I have had approximately 3 phone calls since I had a health scare and dropped out of the regular Avatar delivery scene a few years ago. I asked myself “If these guys are such a committed team and all want to support others to improve their lives why did only 3 bother to call to see how I was doing? I loved these guys. An explanation for this which I heard offered by a trainer is “If you are trying to save the planet you don’t have time to waste with people who are not moving forward. It’s a better return on your effort to only focus on people who are moving ahead and getting new students and not waste your time with people who could drag you down”.
My Conclusion: If you are not generating students you are not actually contributing to Harry’s EPC and therefore are not worth supporting.

2. I had a close friend who like me was on the path to full-time Avatar and committing to making it their life’s work. I became quietly and secretly horrified when they were considering dumping their partner who was unsupportive. Unsupportive here means:

a)complaining at the amount of time the Master spends giving intro’s and flying away to attend courses


b) complaining that the Master was spending too much of their money on intern fees, airfares and accommodation.
The suggestion from the Stars Edge Trainer (one of several who has a broken family) was “When you show up for your life others are bound to get stirred up because they are not showing up for theirs. Do you want to pursue your dream or be held back by others and go back to sleep?” The number of Avatar Masters that I know of who are delivering full time and who have a stable family I could count on one hand.

My Conclusion: Becoming a committed and aligned Avatar Master means having a job, being a partner, father, mother, etc is all secondary to the cause.

3. I had two female friends who were nice people, quite smart and on to it who suffered psychotic breaks after a course and ended up needing hospitalization. The view within the network is changing around people who have any kind of depression or mental illness. The learning here has been that you need to steer clear of these people if possible as they will probably have some serious emotional instability post course and attack the source of their awakening. The idea that the instability could actually be triggered by the Avatar processes never enters the Masters heads and any students who have these issues are usually not discussed or spoken of at all.
My Conclusion: The Avatar tools are not foolproof when it comes to managing your mental state. I guess Harry’s view is that any failure is the fault of the person using the tools and not applying them correctly. Many people seem to make it through the basic course OK (remember that most people are on the course to handle major life issues) but too many are experiencing harmful effects during the course and afterwards and the number of people requiring hospitalization during the course is too great to ignore anymore.

4. Over time I started to see that any questioning of Harry or a Trainer or a fellow Master was greeted with “What identity are you in?” or “Why are you projecting things onto others?”  While I think there is some merit in the idea that what I dislike or react to in others is probably the same things that I don’t like in myself it doesn’t mean that the behavior that triggered it doesn’t also require some attention.  I found that any time I spoke up about or challenged the behavior (or integrity) of someone above me in the chain of command that I was automatically assumed to be in an identity and had some integrity work that I needed to do. The problem here for me was not that I needed to do some work on myself or that I needed to take more personal responsibility but that there was never an acknowledgement that the other party possibly had some work to do as well.

When I heard some claims that Harry had ripped people off in his previous role in running a scientology mission  I wanted to satisfy myself that the claim was either bogus or had some truth to it. After all you don’t usually get the full picture by hearing only one side of the story.  Searching the internet for “dirt” on Harry was seen as a hidden agenda on my part, presumably I had the intention to discredit Harry.

My Conclusion: With great power comes great responsibility and putting someone in a place of unquestionable authority is dangerous.  It is a classic ploy of cult leaders and egomaniacs to make any challenge to their authority something that not only is discouraged but also brings some threat to your own well-being. If  history is anything to go by Leaders who abuse their power and others often end up with some sort of rebellion to deal with.

5. At Wizards I experienced bizarre adulation and worship of Harry. I also saw the extreme control and manipulation of Trainers and Masters by Avra. Harry is protected from the adoring crowds by staying distant and guru like and Avra encourages every gain that a person makes to be written down on a success card and sent to Harry who reads each one. All appreciation and adoration must flow to Harry.I have seen more  encouragement to worship Harry at Wizards than I ever saw encouragement to worship God in a church.

My Conclusion: Wake the hell up Doctor! You are being peddled multi-level enlightenment from a guy who found himself on another planet in another galaxy. You are not part of an episode of Dr Who so for goodness sake pull out and abort mission.

6. The time from my exit to the time when I came firmly to the conclusion that Avatar is the personal moneymaking empire of Harry Palmer and Avra Honey Smith has been years in the making. During this period I have been uneasy and reluctant to speak out. Is my unease part of the prolonged indoctrination I received in the cult?
My Conclusion: For the idealists like me who love to believe in a “cause” and like the idea of living a life serving and sharing with others rather than one of selfish gain, Avatar seemed like a God send at the time. I was suckered by the EPC ideal and for that I feel shame and embarrassment. For the people I got into Avatar who experienced some harm as a result I feel sadness and remorse.

7. After being alerted to the dangers of mind control techniques on one of the cult awareness websites I started to do more research and am now alarmed at the similarity between some of the processes covert hypnotists and conversational hypnotists use and the effects of some of the ReSurfacing exercises.
My Conclusion: When the Attention and Will exercises done in Avatar produce the same shut down of critical thinking and reasoning that Hypnotists use to put unknowing subjects into a highly suggestible state, it would be best not to do that around someone who has the goal of selling you thousands of dollars worth of personal development courses. I believed I was awake and Living Deliberately. Without projecting my problems on Avatar could it be possible that I was cleverly manipulated when I was in a highly suggestible state after applying the Avatar tools? Can I believe that a belief I hold is a deliberate one, when in fact it is just the expression of a previous indoctrination? Scarily I think there are scores of Avatar Masters who are slaves to the indoctrination of Harry, Avra, The Stars Edge Trainers and their QM’s.

As always one needs to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Some of the techniques and tools in Avatar do create results and many attendees claim lasting change and are better for the experience. However there is growing evidence that some people are harmed and for this reason caution rather than blind faith is advised.

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  1. Yes hello,
    Thanks for the article. Im bipolar and for a long time i’ve done meditation. I did the course and got great results but found myself with hodgkin’s disease. Emediately they didnt want me on course and one master made a crude comment to get to work. Yes avatar and other therapy got me through chemo. I attended a masters course at a time when i was in no financial position. I going through cancer had a lot on my plate. they held me back proccessing and i didnt finish and recieved no license. It was clear the had no intent on me being a fit example for their org. I later learned about scientology and found great similarity, then doing the research on harry i learned about avatars borrowing. Scientology considers this a spiritual crime but somehow so does avatar. Im quite gifted with meditation and have found myself full of new ideas and similar processes. One i actually think are even better. In america someone writes a good idea, someone come along and rights a better one. Thats freedom. Plus i have a much more practical approach to delivery and fees. Meditation and self help only work for the long term when practiced daily. Not some massive week and then forgetting about it. Healing consiousness is through daily work not hustling people to stay at the marriot. If i helped far more people with a better version of avatar free from the chains on scientology manipulation for money they would sue me, ruin my life and perhaps wish me bad fortune. I love spending a weekend with good people but i dont want a mind fuck. If they had a few more tools beyond their basics it might be worth the climb. Its pretty upsetting to a poor person to find out $4000 didnt get you much more. I try to stay non judgemental. I know more than one wizard the has had a low level of exsistance. One a scale of 1-10 total creator perfect creation i would give it a 4. It could be more if i could share, expand and feel its a part of me. I shared a process with a dying friend and told my master. She said i needed to come clean about that. Glad your coming clean about sharing wisdom you paid for. Its sad. The restrict their people for money and do not see the abundance of sharing. Try this: im happy, im hear, im me, im real, im center, im all. aaaaaa isnt that nice to feel. Source is a scientology term for god. However, the S is a slip for serpent or satan. It comes from early satanic worship magic. The same acult that help create hitlers ideas. avatar uses this term as a replacement or concept as center. Chanting source for many years brought me questionable results. Im center, center creator. Keep in mind there is still some good in avatar. If i had a million dollars i would probably do wizards. Unfortunately thats what manifestation i would need to go. I do not think avatars claim could produce such results. For someone to spend their last dollar on avatar is almost as foolish as buying alcohol. A hit of acid made woodstock. Avatar made my buddy Paul whos teeth are rotting out from smoking over washing dishes due to a failed rockband dream. He broke his back falling off a roof and used his last money for avatar. Buddy thats a down payment on a fixerupper. I figured out on my own that doing feel exercises are their way of slipping you ideas. Many of unworthiness of doing the tools. You not quite getting it. Keep trying, not out there enough ext…..the reason nothing manifests is because the make clearing secondaries so important that primaries become secondaries. Personally i had good manifestations when i focused on ananda marga. After 10 years and punishing myself with avatar i have finally started creating my own. If im going to wack my soul like a nun teacher it at least is going to be mine. Avartar makes serious work seem as play. Harry makes youtube speaches to make it all look like the most grounded thing rooted in psychology fundamentals. It has good and bad. It has good points to anyone new to the study. Less of a cult than scientology but atleast grasping the fundamentals, sadly lacking in dianetics memory regression, possibly the most important part, not to mention most effective. Its woth 20,000 to someone that is rich but absolutely a crime for some that is poor. A few teacher friend actually took a loan with interest. Sadly nobody was interested in his screen play. He felt avatar would get him connections. Atleast scientology would have a end in hollywood. The world is a vampire, any secondaries. God bless anyone that rises above anchiant dogma. If harry build a time machine or fusion i would be more impressed. He gets his speeches from the history and nature channel, mixed with romance novel jokes about his marrage. Oh by the way Avatar is a dating service.

    • Hi Brenner, thanks for your comment. I laughed when I read your last sentence about Avatar being a dating service. I must admit I did see lots of hook ups occurring in the courses I attended. The rules are that Master/Student hookups are not allowed although sometimes it happens. I suspect the hook ups that occur are often a side effect of the euphoria that some of the exercises produce. When you are in this state everyone one and everything can be perceived as beautiful. Unfortunately some of the hook ups that occurred were between people who already had partners. Stay well.
      The Dr.

    • I appologize for the grammar. It was latenight with a cell phone and no spell check. It seems like im from a foriegn country. Avatar is mostly good. Im sometimes saddened how we pick the bones to anything god feeds us. Its either for you or not. You must set healthy boundries with anything or org. My recommendation is do anything you can to emprove your self. I very much dabble with avatar like stuff. I truly believe i have made breakthroughs of my own just like harry once did with his former masters. Im recently forced into group therapy for pot and i applied many lessons to the event. I have great respect from the people at these therapy classes. I honestly feel i shift thier lives and provide a solid spiritual force amongst the dr. Meds and constant dwelling on problems. Its one thing to view problems as a tool its another to wollow in them and only make things worse. There are time when i have hit barrers that have been true hell. I promise a strong focus in consiousness is your best friend. Dont let anyone tell you spiritual work is not good for mental illness. Money pyramids are another matter. Truly im jealious that i dont have the money to float around highend motel seminars. If i had the cash i would climb up scientology as far as i could. Maybe that would get them to leave me alone. Honestly i dont get the best vibe from many scientologies, i love john trovolta and beck. Tom was great in legend. I am an avatar and a scientologist. Im many things. Bodhisattva named by an indian guru. Nature is the greatest shaman. Peace be with you. If you have the money give avatar a try, just dont get pulled in beyond comfort. Read dianetics if you courious about scientology try some of the memorie work and havingness. Just remember to not give up your dreams or work. To drop your old life without serious time to contemplate is a bad choice. No marrage should end because of a weekend seminar. Anyway, hope this might give people what CLEAR really means. Pull pain from you DNA equals health.

      • Well Brenner it seems like you are a searcher and have tried many many things. I cant agree with your statement to just give Avatar a try. That is like saying give LSD a try. Both Avatar and LSD will alter your consciousness but both can have harmful side effects. My message is that people need to be well informed before they try something, they should know about the success stories of others who have tried it but they should also have an opportunity to hear the harm stories. Harry’s claim that everyone benefits from doing Avatar is a lie. Lots of people benefit from it but lots of people also experience harm. Avatar is not all good and beneficial and it is not all bad and harmful either. The point is not to be sucked in by the marketing hype but to take a more careful and considered approach before choosing to shell out thousands of dollars in an attempt to purchase Enlightenment.
        For goodness sake let’s be careful out there!
        The Dr.

  2. What a great article. I can relate to many of the things you write.

    I really think Avatar should never have gone beyond the Masters Course. The whole Wizards and “saving the planet” thing should never have happened. The huge falling out Harry had in Europe in 1990/91 was partly a result of him announcing Wizards.

    I believe if they had stuck with polishing and distilling the basic Avatar course and had consciously moved away from the similarities to Scientology, Avatar would be much more widespread today, and would have had a much more profound impact, ironically.

  3. No I haven’t but I’ve heard and read many accounts of it and have read the materials. I first took Avatar in 1990 and did a few Masters courses in Europe and US after that. My favorite writing about Avatar is Eldon Braun’s “The Wiz of Orlando”…truly great.

  4. I understand the concerns about harry and Avra. I drank some of the KoolAid. It was mighty tasty. I had my mind and heart blown open. I only pray everyone on the planet could have that experience. It changed my worldview. However, One of the masters suggested I was a narcissist when I was taking “too long” to decide (come up with $8k) on going to masters course. I didn’t want to sell out and become a devotee of the cause. Bitter koolAid.

  5. Hi Dr. I experienced a strange lack of loving energy in the Resurfacing program and then was pushed to enroll for a week of Avatar training within one week of completing the Resurfacing. They paid 0 attention to my comments about being interested and that I wanted to take some time to consider it over a couple of days and rushed me to make an immediate decision. it turned me off, and I didn’t go. then I started doing research (thankfully) and discovered your article. Thank you. The kool aid smelled and tasted good (but never really SWEET to me).

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for visiting. In my experience any time someone is pressuring me to make a decision now and without time to think about it usually knows that if I have more time to think about it I would probably make a “No thanks” decision.I wish more people would be like you and actually do some web based research first before deciding to drink the Kool Aid.

      Toodle Pip
      The Dr

    • You are so true brother. There are fucking drama artists all around. I can’t believe they fucking do that to people for money. Stop calling people and asking them to pay..ok?? Assholes. You fucking celebrate for those who are willing to pay frequent 7500 to do a course. Avra – No 1 drama artist followed by bunch of other women drama artists…Stopppp. Begging for money would be better than what you are doing. I talked to a person **** about this and he is another asshole who runs this or who takes care of this. He seemed like , Bro if you don’t like or get what we are doing just leave. He fucking don’t even care if I leave after paying for the course. Do not believe these assholes. Better listen to Donald trump and help him make America great again. 😉

  6. They got into my “beliefs” about not making an immediate decision and I realized the kool aid was in full effect. I witnessed another woman weeping about not having the money to go and she was instantly surrounded by “masters” and “wizards” questioning her BELIEFS about money. I said the only thing I believed at that point was that they wanted to enroll me and not listen to me. That’s a belief that wasn’t gonna change anytime soon.

  7. hmm interesting reading your comments, same as my experiences..

    After giving in and doing the resurfacing workshop, which I found weird and didn’t get much out of, I have been regularly asked to enrol in further courses, for a great sum of money and it’s always last minute ‘for the stretch’ and if I say I need to think about it they say ‘oh your obviously not up for that level of growth/ stretch’. Then the last course I said ‘OK I’ll do it’ they said ‘I think you should go away and think about it’ What!?

    I also find it not very loving or compassionate; just people questioning all the beliefs I have. One trainer said I was delusional when asked what my goals were.

    One said ‘just take out a loan’ to do the courses.
    Despite all that I am still being coerced to do it.

  8. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for writing this blog. I’ve found it to be incredibly insightful. I’ve experienced much, if not all, of what you’ve described with exceptional clarity. It’s taken me about two and a half years since pulling away from their influence. I appreciate your ability to provide a balanced account of what really happens to people without being hateful about it. I am astounded at the thoroughness of your recount and how much of it I recognize in my own experience.

    I got into Avatar at the request of my mother and did exactly as you explained. I was in a highly suggestible state and they had me create a primary to go to the Master’s course. I attended at the very last minute with the help of my mother who used up some her ever increasing credit card debt to help me get there. I interned that same summer and missed my grandmother’s funeral to be there. They explained how I would be honoring her life by ushering in these new souls to enlightenment. I felt very ill on that course and had terrible bowl trouble until I got home. I felt like shit. But it was all part of my creation, right? Forever and always part of my creation.

    When I finally began to get serious about moving the planet forward towards creating an EPC, I started to question how to move up in the hierarchy. My QM told me very few people made their living by being a full time Avatar Master even though we all spent hours and hours of our lives creating that primary. It wasn’t within our domain, right? So we just kept stretching our influence.

    I completed all the courses. My Integrity course was traumatic. I was working on a releasing fixed attention exercise that left me completely raw emotionally, but there was no comforting. It was all performed in a detached way so as to make sure I knew I was doing all of this to myself. It was all my creation still. And I bought it, hook-line and sinker. I was baptizing myself in the koolaid regularly and still did not manage to convince any of my friends to move past the introduction.

    At one point I ran a Forgiveness Option mini course with a potential student, or a lead, and I was essentially chewed out by my QM after the fact for not making sure that it was okay to do so, even though all of the mini courses are available to do for free online. Later they started offering the Forgiveness Option mini course as an optional introductory course, new tech, they called it. I highly suspect my “mistake” was exploited and I was not given credit for the idea.

    When I became serious about “moving up” to take on more responsibility in the network, I was shot down. My QM was hesitant, even though I had made the primary. I had learned the tech. But what I had not done was produce more students on course. The only way I could prove myself to them was by bringing more students on course.

    Then I finally cornered Avra directly and said, “I think you are using Avatar to capitalize on belief systems, not catalyze belief systems.” She looked me in the face and said she didn’t belief that to be true. In that moment the illusion broke. The idea that the world is a reflection of me was directly contradicted from the horses mouth.

    Eventually I escaped from the entrapment. I felt myself as separate and distinct, thinking for myself I stress is just going along with whatever they said and accepting it as fact. They began to indirectly question my sanity (what I would now call gas lighting) and suggested there would be some kind of negative consequence for my non-compliant attitude. I got a ride home and I haven’t heard from my QM since then. Maybe three or four people have contacted me over the last two and a half years since then, each one inquiring as to whether I will be returning to the course, but not much more beyond that. Without the protections and pretense of Avatar there isn’t very much connecting me to all of these people, hundreds that I met and poured my life story out to. Weddings of dear friends, the birth of my niece, funerals and birthday celebrations of dear friends and family all missed because I was convinced contributing to the creation of an EPC by creating more Avatars, Masters, and Wizards was the most important thing I could be doing with my time. I accepted that unquestioningly. I was also completely numb. I felt little pain and little joy. I felt the hollow void that was my life and just discreating until I really didn’t recognize myself anymore. I didn’t associate much with my old friends.

    When I finally came home from that final course, I felt like I had come back to life, when all the time I believe me I was the one who was awake and everyone else needed to wake up. The ultimate deception.

    I’ve been in counseling for over a year sorting through all of the “non”-indoctrination I received from the Avatar materials and the people who delivered them.

    I am grateful I made it out as quickly as I did.

    • Dear Abbey,
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience. It adds to the volume of real life experience that proves that Avatar is not all its asserted to be. I am glad you found the ability to escape before being too deeply drawn to the indoctrination of the QM’s and Stars Edge in general. I found the process of leaving to be quite disconcerting and I was doubting myself constantly. My wish for you is that you recover fully and to be a truly self determined being rather than the Avatar version of someone who is self determined. My your experience help others who read your account to tread carefully if they are considering doing the course or to wake the hell up if they are part of the Indoctrinated Avatar crew.

      Toodle Pip Dear Girl.
      The Dr.

      P.S. I send a big hug your way!

    • Hi Abbey,

      The rabbit hole awaits when you start to question the integrity of the kool aid!

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with Avatar. Reading your story has felt quite cathartic. Quite a few of the things you have written really resonate.

      I haven’t been in any Avatar courses for about 10 years now. Although I’m still getting the phone calls once a year. It’s actually an interesting way of gauging my own growth in terms of how I deal with their ‘primary’ of wanting to enrol me onto the wizards course.

      As the years tick by I’m starting to feel a little compassion towards some of the QM’s. After all, unlike you, they haven’t (yet) experienced the illusion unfold.

      Remember you said you were grateful you made it out as quickly as you did. Imagine what it’s like for some of the QMs and Star’s Edge trainers who have dedicated decades of their lives into trying to manifest Harry’s primary of an EPC. I’m guessing they have missed out on a whole heap of precious life experiences with their loved ones?! I imagine when they look back on their lives they may feel a sense of regret when they start to realise the vacuum that has been left behind. (Although perhaps that feeling of loss and regret is counter balanced when Star’s Edge tell them that they’ve accrued lots of karmic brownie points for putting Harry’s primary before the needs of their own family and friends.)

      I’ve seen QM’s and Star’s Edge Trainers come and go over the years. Once they leave the scene, I imagine they stay under the radar for a number of reasons, including:

      – needing the space and time to integrate what’s happened (we know how that feels ;o)
      – avoiding lawsuits (remember: don’t say anything which might upset Harry or Star’s Edge!)

      I feel I should give a balanced view of Avatar. So with this in mind I will say I had some curious experiences and some positive break throughs. Could I have spent $15,000 more wisely? Perhaps.

      Top tip: Avatar Masters really should listen to Star’s Edge and avoid entering into relationships with their Avatar Students.

      One of the most painful experiences I’ve had was being in a relationship with my Avatar Master, which was hands down the most challenging 12 months of my life. In a nut shell it was soul destroying, physically abusive and mentally disturbing for myself and my family.

      Many years on and I still feel bad about what I put my family through. And I just cringe now when, like Abbey, I believed I was the one who was awake while my friends and family were asleep. What an appalling and maddening infuriating identity I was in.

      So yeah… been there and got the T-shirt x

      PS Thank you Dr. Strangelove.

    • Hi Abby

      Ive lost count of how many times Ive read your comment over the last few months and always wanted to reply but I wasnt ready. I resonate with everything you have written and every time I read it I feel deeply sad. These experiences are all so very real and really can ruin our lives and psyche at the time. They are not experiences to just brush over.

      I too was under the illusion of being “awake” but oh how very wrong was I. I feel at the beginning aspects of the Avatar course can increase our awareness in some areas, but in so many other areas it completely shuts down our awareness and it feels like we end up being trapped in a cage… a box….where we can no longer see, think, or feel for ourselves (even though we truly believe otherwise) We become disconnected from life, our hearts and others. I will never ever ever forget the vacant looks and emotionless robotic actions which I experienced from the more advanced masters, QMs and Trainers. It was like some of them were hollow. Its just so sad when I reflect on it!! I especially remember this in my last few days there as you see things very different when you begin to “awaken” from your so-called “awakening”. I realised then that this is totally not what this is about and that we had all become disconnected from humanity, our hearts and others. Connection became fake not real. It could only be experienced through hypnotic exercises….it wasnt authentic nor real! You cannot be connected…truly connected…. and treat another human being the way they treat human beings in there. You just cant!!

      I deeply feel for those who are stuck in there. I hope one day they have the courage to look and explore deeper as to what is really going on – not what they are being taught or what they are parroting at the request of others.

      I feel for you too when it comes to the gas lighting as this is a very disturbing experience and can take ages for us to work through. Its cruel and the consequences can be awful. Again, certainly not the actions of an enlightened being nor something anyone who had any understanding of the human psyche would ever enact. Gas lighting can send a person crazy and completely ruin their life. It is absolutely incredible that the Network feels this type of behaviour is okay and never ever considers the consequences of their actions. This is what I mean by being “totally” disconnected. If you were connected….you wouldnt do it!

      Thank you for sharing your story as its bravery like yours which helps so many others. It is hard to share an experience like yours but you did it and you helped me in (and Im sure many others) in the process.

      With Gratitude!


  9. Hi!
    Thanks for this article. I have just had an experience where I started dating an Avatar Master. I knew nothing about the Avatar course other than what he told me about. All of a sudden, after 6 weeks of intense contact and what seemed to be the cultivation of something more serious, he had what I can only describe as a personality change. He suddenly became extremely moralistic and judgemental towards me, critical and unable to hear my feelings about his behaviour towards me. His stance was that I created all of my discomfort and that he had no part in it. He angrily accused me of having a “nasty intention” when I told him that his behaviour was hypercritical and that he played a part in our interaction; that it wasn’t all just me.
    I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience? I feel really blown away and now, after doing some research on Avatar, wonder if this is related to his behaviour….

  10. Hi Nic
    Thanks for visiting. Sadly your situation is not unique. Massive personality changes are often reported as an after effect of attending the Avatar course and some of the advanced courses. These changes are likely to wear off if the person does not stay connected to the Stars Edge Network and other Avatar Masters in general. The more connected and the more active they are in Avatar Course deliveries often the more nuttier they become.
    The changes you describe are fairly common and what may help is to realise that the things they accuse you of are way more about them and the new filters that they view the world through. It’s irritating but there is not much you can do about it.

    Fingers crossed that the changes are temporary. Sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings but In previous postings I have commented that an Avatar Master remaining in a relationship with a non Avatar who they are dating seldom lasts. It’s definitely not you, it is them!

    All the best.
    The Dr.

    • Thanks for such a rapid response!
      Our dating ended yesterday…he has refused to discuss anything to resolve our differences and said “I am just glad that I found out this (ie my nasty intentions) about you now…”.
      The other thing he was obsessed with was being “connected”. He was frustrated that I wasn’t always “connected in consciousness” with him (I’d only known him 6 weeks) and he needed to know that we could get to that place of connected consciousness, else there was no point going any further.
      My biggest confusion is that he is all about love and compassion, as per Avatar, and yet he was able to be incredibly critical of me to the point of laughing at me when I expressed my feelings, and not accepting my periods of silence, following his tactless judgements. Is this an Avatar Master thing or just an individual narcissitc thing?
      Another thing that stood out was that the entire problem was ME; nothing about him. And he put forward this notion with such conviction that I have been totally and utterly questioning myself since our horrible time together over the weekend.
      Are Avatar Masters encouraged to develop certain characteristics…? I find it so hard to believe that Avatar aligns with Buddhism, given the judgementalness I experienced these past 3 days….!!!

  11. Dear Nic,
    There is nothing quite so disconcerting as someone expressing an opinion about you that they are so convinced as true and that you think is false. It’s disconcerting because the level of certainty of belief in them seems to create doubt in you. Take heart, what you are experiencing is actually the level of indoctrination of your now ex partner. I have an ex Avatar friend who was so convincing that they could tell you that white was actually black with such certainty that you would be doubting yourself instead of telling them that they were nuts. The best thing for your own mental health is to realise that it feels weird because it is weird. The judgemental attitudes you have encountered in the last few days are not necessarily Avatar intended but are more likely to be how Avatar has affected your ex partner.
    My advice would be “Don’t try to understand it, as it is not rational or predictable, or fair. Sure we each have some things we could work on but these things in the hands of a zealous and newly initiated Avatar Master can become things that an uncompassionate Master can beat the snot out of us with.
    My heart goes out to you Nic as things like you are experiencing are painful and disconcerting. On a more positive note it is better that you have found this out now rather than 10 years into a relationship. Cold comfort I know but chalk this one up to a weird experience and a lucky escape.
    Finally it’s mostly likely not YOU at all, it’s more likely a projection of all the things they don’t like about themselves.

    Take care and best wishes for the future
    The Dr.

    • Thanks The Dr. I really appreciate your words. I am feeling a lot better after reading a heap of entries from this site. I really thought that I was going crazy….! I feel much reassured now… and yes, much better to have found out now than in 10 years time….eeek!!!! 😉
      Thanks for creating this website.
      Nicole 🙂

  12. I decided to google Avatar the other day out of curiosity because of a friend who got involved with it about 5 years ago. I thought it was really interesting what you said about mind control techniques that you saw explained on a cult web site and how you can see that they were using them. Can you tell me what the cult awareness web site is?

  13. Hi Beverly,
    Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for my tardy response. It was a long time ago that I was crawling around the web looking for information so I do not recall which site it was. If you are interested in doing some personal research then I suggest googling “Cult Mind Control Techniques” and see what pops up.
    Toodle Pip
    The Dr.

  14. As I lie here in bed about to read the first chapter of the Avatar Path my heart is pounding wondering if I am making the right decision to continute.

    Im a very simple person and dont feel Im deep enough to understand what everyone here is trying to voice.

    I dont want to get sucked into this “cult” but I am interested in seeing what tools these books have for self help …… “Self” help.

    Can one read these books and gain anything insightful or am I best to bin them and walk away. I am the mother of two young children, both hubby and I run our own business’ trying to live the dream and Im just searching for something to help me be more tolerant and understanding and not get anxious when things dont go to plan. Im the daughter of two VERY ethnic jewish people so trust me when it comes to spending money we are awfully stingey.

    To read or hang it up and go have a bath which is a rare quiet moment in this house.

    • Hey there,
      I am a practicing Sokka Gakkai nichiren Buddhist-
      This is the most ‘for the peace of all the land & people’ teachings I have found. I wasn’t even looking for anything, considered myself a bit of an atheist after watching my parents try to be christians.
      This practice is 100% good!
      And no-one expects money!!
      It’s also an anti-nuke movement.

  15. Dear Mummy, I cannot lie. There are some very useful tools and exercises that you encounter on the 2 day Resurfacing Workshop. In my very experienced opinion all the best Avatar Stuff is in Resurfacing as well as some weird new age mumbo jumbo like the Translarian Epilogue. You will learn some things that may help you with your feeling anxious. But here’s the problem. No Avatar Master will take you into Resurfacing without the intention of having you do the full Avatar Course, The Masters Course, Have you intern as a Master with your own student, The Pro Course and The Wizards course. So get ready to be pressured to spend roughly $40K. Once you engage with the materials you will be supported (pushed and pushed hard) to stay on the Avatar Path and do whatever it takes financially to attain the highest levels. I would imagine that these pressures will create plenty of anxiety which is ironic in a way.
    Be very careful as any concerns you have will be eliminated on the courses using the tools of the course to eliminate them.
    Self help and self improvement are very admirable goals just be careful that enslavement to a set of techniques and to the organization that sells them to you doesn’t ensue.
    Best Wishes
    The Dr.

    • Personally, I would approach all of the materials from a position of power, i.e. “I use discernment, I choose what is useful to me, I will pick and choose those exercises that interest me. No master will be able to influence me.”

      Make sure you don’t view any of the Avatar “masters” as authority figures, leaders, gurus, etc. Dismiss any suggestions from them or other students to “keep going”. From what you have said about your goals (tolerance, understanding, calmness), I don’t think you need to go past Section II. Section II exercises are very powerful for quiet mind, suspending judgement, empathy, connection with the world and universe.

      I happened upon this very interesting thread, I enjoyed learning about how freely and confidently some of the very early (1987) students approached the course: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/alt.clearing.avatar/IEZv32kyGPI/Cs_2OpmIAKgJ

      • Hi Pablo,
        The idea that “No Master will be able to influence me” is an admirable one. Unfortunately the tools that create the quiet mind also leave the student in a very suggestible state. Masters have particular times during the course when they influence students to sign up for the next course. The end of section 2 is one of them. Having been there and done that I would not recommend that “Mummy” completes section 2 unless she feels totally confident and strong about her ability to resist persuasion in her weakest moments. The self programming and possible delusion you end up with at the end of section 2 is “I am source” and I have seen the most awful manipulations of students at this point because “Now that you have experienced being a source being why wouldn’t you want to go on to the next section and explore more?”…….

  16. Hi, I’ve never taken the Avatar course but i’m just curious as to what people writing in the comments mean by “kool aid”… is this a word for something else? Thanks

    • Hi Julia
      Thanks for stopping bye. The Kool Aid reference is a metaphor for what people are willing to do when under the power of a cult and strong cult leader. It’s historical reference is to Jim Jones who ran a cult originating in the US but then he shifted it with his followers to Guyana where following a visit from some US based authorities he made his followers drink a flavoured drink (not necessarily Kool Aid) laced with cyanide killing over 900 people more than 300 of them children. Google Jim Jones on Wikipedia and you can get the accurate history of the tragedy. When people have talked about drinking the Kool Aid in this blog and others it’s a metaphor. Some followers of the Avatar Course have noted the cult like power of the Trainers and Masters and Hairy Palmer and Avra Honey Smith and sensed the mass mind control being generated through the higher level courses. The reality of Avatar Followers being stupid enough to drink cyanide laced drink at Harry’s command has an estimated probability of 0.09%. But even people attending Avatar Integrity Courses and Wizards courses have half joked about how they feel that they are being pressured in to a level of commitment to Stars Edge that feels like the same level of commitment it would take to drink Kool Aid laced with cyanide. It’s probably an natural self preservation mechanism that kicks in when people are feeling pressured to do something that feels way beyond what they are comfortable with. If you attend the basic Avatar Course you will feel this pressure during the course to sign up for the Masters Course and on every subsequent course there will be pressure to increase that level of commitment by attending more courses and prospecting among your friends, family and acquaintances to sign up new Avatar attendees.

      The Dr warns that under no circumstances should you drink the Kool Aid.
      Toodle Pip.

    • I always thought the “drinking the kook aid” expression referred to Tim Wolfe’s famous book “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” where he describes hippy gatherings where someone secretly spiked a large container of Kool Aid (which was offered as “refreshment” for free) with LSD and most people at the event unwittingly got high together.

      • Pablo, totally!!
        It’s a direct reference to the orange cool aid acid test. Famous book about lsd trials with a certain bunch who partied in a wee cult like scene and drank acid laced juice.
        In my suspicious mind. . prob also hinting/tracking back to the C1A and mind control experiments too, if yr that way inclined..

  17. (sorry, I meant “kool aid” not “kook aid”)

  18. My girlfriend (deeply mutually committed) went to the basic course about three months ago in Florida and had a serious meltdown and did not finish. Then she went again and came back quite “Happy to be Me”. She wanted me to attend and I agreed. Things seemed fine. Then she was pressured by her sister, an Avatar Master, to borrow money to go to the recent Master’s course despite her already being in serious debt. Just before she left, she told me, “I love you.” I offered her emotional and financial support but I have not heard from her since. Nothing. No explanation. I am crushed.

    Not a word…..

    Be warned.

    • Dear John,
      Thanks for visiting. Sadly your story is a familiar one. If she completes the Masters Course she will qualify for the next Wizards Course which will be the goal of her Master, so thats another $7500 to come up with. Occasionally people come to their senses and realise that going into debt to stay on the Avatar path is disempowering and just not that smart. Often they get hooked and become slaves to the cause. For your sake I hope your girlfriend comes to her senses. Brace yourself.

      Best wishes
      The Dr.

      • I think it’s pretty normal not to hear from your partner during the Masters course. It’s like they enter another dimension during that week and a half. I’d say trying to give her space to re-integrate after she returns. In a supportive way, rather than getting into things like “Palli didn’t you call me ” etc

        • Hi Pablo
          You are very on target with your observations and advice. It would seem strange to anybody who hasn’t been in the course environment to believe that there is hardly any time over a 9 Day period to connect with loved ones but the combination of the course hours and the likelihood of someone who has had to borrow money to attend the course ending up sharing a hotel room with at least 1 other person (sometimes up to 4) can mean there is barely time to think.
          I like your advice to John about how to handle things post course with his partner. Judgements and confrontations will just trigger conflict. Trying to reason with someone on their first day back after the course is futile. If John can try to hold back his frustration and allow his partner to come down to earth slowly and gently there is a much better chance of successful reconnection. Unfortunately there are plenty of sad stories about relationship breakdown immediately post course and this is likely due to the altered state of consciousness which the course attendee arrives home in fresh with the zeal of creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilisation and often already having made a commitment to attend the next course without discussing it with loved ones first.
          My heart goes out to John and to all those who have felt like they lost their loved ones to Avatar.

          Toodle Pip
          The Dr.

  19. Thank you “The Dr.” And thank you Pablo. Pablo, good advice. I have taken the “high road” and only sent one supportive message in the last two weeks along with flowers for her birthday which was during the course. However, more than a little surprised. Not even a Thank You for the flowers. I strongly suspect “something” has developed. Based on my readings, I am braced for the tragic and totally unnecessary loss of my relationship. Just waiting now…..

    • Hang in there John. This has to be incredibly hard for you. Feel free to vent.

      Maybe you have already found this, but this is the most in-depth and well-written treatment of Avatar I have ever come across (by the late Eldon Braun). I recommend it to anyone who has gotten involved, or whose loved ones have. This “The Wiz of Orlando” piece gave me the final push I needed to exit the cult.

  20. Thank you for your comments. Greatly appreciated. I almost gave up “whining” about this but fortunately I received a peek inside when she accidentally texted me a text that was intended for her Avatar sponsor. The text revealed that clearly the Avatar Master has maliciously poisoned her with bizarre, unfounded and harmful hypnotic-like suggestions while she was in a fragile state brought on by the techniques of mental abuse/exhaustion. And we worry about the ethics of waterboarding in the hands of extremely well trained professionals? Give these Avatar techniques to zealous amateurs who are self proclaimed “Masters” and then pay them to forcefully unleash the techniques on unsuspecting victims who are then recruited in turn to victimize their families/relatives in this pyramid scheme. It would not be believable if I had only just read these postings. READ THIS AND RUN……… Never look back.

  21. Dear The Dr

    Thank you for this blog site, and thank you to you and all others who have provided commentary.

    I perchanced upon your blog when researching about The Avatar Course, after a good friend mentioned it to me just this morning. I was curious to see what it was all about………

    Along my life’s journey, I have already explored and participated in a few systemized organizations that have espoused enlightenment or awakening or self-development. One which had a major influence on quite a large portion on my early life was that of Christianity through organized churches. My religious ‘adventures’ took me through a few rabbit holes until alarm bells finally rang at a pentecostal church where they attempted to indoctrinate its members with “you are not to question the authority of the Senior Pastor”….or any other persons deemed to be in authority within the organization!! I was in the worship band. I fully appreciated and understood the influencing power and “inducement of suggestive states” through the power of music……..however this authoritative demand to not question authority seemed most paradoxical and certainly did not resonate with any love or compassion (which is what the Bible espouses!)

    Some points of reference I now use to balance myself (mentally, physically and spiritually, and of course emotionally):-

    1. I remind myself of the gift of Critical Thinking. The day I ‘woke up’ was when I became aware that it was ok to question anything and everything, and that I had a right to my opinions (as does the person next to me).

    2. That love, compassion and judgement are all subjective states, subject to our own filters and life experiences. I have learned to listen to my inner state and feel when I am out of alignment, ie when I am being ‘told’ or ‘asked’ to do or give in a way which does not align with my ‘feel-good’ state.

    Anyway, just some humble offerings. I really just wanted to say thank you for the articles/post, and now know without a shadow of a doubt that I don’t need to spend anymore time pursuing the initial interest in the Avatar Course.

    Thank you Dr. I wish everyone well and all the love that life can muster to each soul, accordingly.


    • Hi MaryAnne, thanks for visiting. What you believe does matter. So does your ability to listen to your intuition and most importantly of all your own choices and decisions. I have seen abuse of power in many organizations and any organization that requires unquestioning obedience to it’s leader (annointed by God or not) is dangerous in my view.
      Toodle Pip
      The Dr.

  22. Thank you Dr., for this post and to the others for your comments.
    I went to an Avatar introduction meeting (I don’t know what you call it, it was the very first one you get invited to) about 6 years ago with a friend. She didn’t really explain what it would entail, it was just something she thought I would like. I thought it was very interesting at first, then we did some exercise where I had to name 3 beliefs about money, and then was asked to share them with the group (about 20 people). This felt very personal and weird to be sharing with strangers other than my 1 friend there. But I did it anyway, and when I stated one of my beliefs about money, which is that no one can make a lot of money without putting in a lot of hard work, I was met with looks of horror on all the Avatar-insider’s faces. This was a red flag. It totally weirded me out. When I was eating dinner with my friend at a restaurant after, she was pushing hard to get me to sign up for a $3k course in Florida that I could not afford. That’s when I realized it was a multi-level marketing cult (your words, Dr., in my mind I just knew it was BS, but didn’t have a name for it). Thankfully, from that moment I had already decided to politely refuse any more involvement with Avatar. Coming from a Christian background, I also thought it was totally bizarre that you couldn’t take any materials with you. It creeped me out that they kept my personal ideas written in my handwriting. In the baptist church I grew up in, if you didn’t have a bible, someone would give you one. If you needed materials for a course, but couldn’t afford them, someone would voluntarily donate them to you, or the church would pay for them with offerings and donations. If you couldn’t afford to go on a mission trip, again, the church and it’s parishioners would financially make it happen. If you believe you have knowledge that would enlighten all of humanity and make the world a better place, you want to share it freely, not profit financially from selling it to those who can’t afford it. Avatar is totally absurd in that way. The Avatar master who hosted the event told me after the meeting that I had a “big spirit” and at the time I took that as a compliment. Now learning about Scientology’s similarities to Avatar, I think it was meant as something derogatory, like I’m riddled with Thetans. Lol! Thanks again to you all, I thought I was crazy after this weird cult-like experience, and I only had 1 meeting with these nuts!

    • Hi Meg,
      Thanks for visiting. Most of the Avatar Masters I know are not financially prosperous so when someone turns up with some positive beliefs around money they are shocked. They are used to having to bully, cajole, or whatever to get people to come up with the funds to do the Avatar Course. There is probably a collective belief held by Masters along the lines of “People struggle to find the money to do the overpriced Avatar Courses”. Congratulations on spotting the weirdness.
      Toodle Pip
      The Dr.

  23. Thank you so much Dr for this blog and for giving people the opportunity to present their true stories. It’s taken me a while to write anything because, like many, it can take us a while to fully understand exactly what we have experienced and what happened to us. The indoctrination goes way deeper than we perceive at first and it takes months, even years of “deprogramming” and coming to terms with what really happened. This is especially true for those who entered more the secret inner workings (levels) of the Avatar Network, such as the advanced intern program which includes the “process” to be a Qualified Master and then Trainer. This is where it gets really troubling from my perspective…. but the indoctrination happens from day one and once you get a good understanding of cults and large control groups, you can really see where it all is laid out in their writings and the process we are all taken through.

    I think for many of us we just can’t get our heads and hearts around it all, so we don’t say anything, or continue in disbelief. How can they deceive, manipulate and betray so many and then continue to run courses? How can they continue to stand up in front of a large group of people teaching what they teach knowing exactly what they are doing? This all blows us away and takes a long time to come to terms with – especially for those who sacrificed so many years for this organisation and especially for those of us who see the good in everyone. In addition, the belief that we create it all and many more of the Avatar indoctrinations means we are unable to question anything nor are able to see what is right before our eyes. Also many do not know who to go to for help and we can spend months and even years blaming ourselves or just not really knowing what to do/where to go. For me personally I found the help of those like Steve Hassan from Freedom of Mind, Families Against Cult Teachings and most recently the Open Mind Foundation – which is run by an ex-Scientologist (Jon Atack) and has a huge focus on the effects of Undue Influence being used in cults and large control groups like Avatar. I recommend all ex-Masters check out their work and also Jon’s most recent book, Opening Minds (the secret world of manipulation, undue influence and brainwashing) as it literally is Avatar to a tee!! He could be writing about the Avatar network…its uncanny. These all helped me so much and also listening to other people’s stories in other cults such as Scientology, the Moonies, etc. I know Freedom of Mind can get anyone in touch with a counsellor who specialises in deprogramming. Some are intense deprogramming sessions to really help the person integrate back into society again. There is a lot of help and support out there now as more and more people are becoming aware. For ex-Avatar masters – please do not feel ashamed! You have not failed! You are not crazy! This is becoming a huge phenomena globally as more and more of these groups are operating and they target those who are intelligent, idealist, analyticial and dedicated/committed (lawyers, doctors, teachers). They would not operate without these types of people. They keep these organisations running!!

    I know you are very balanced in your approach but I’m afraid I cannot be as not only have I endured a great deal of psychological abuse and gas lightening from the Avatar Network, but I also have seen so much pain and suffering in others. I saw people brought to their knees in tears and made to feel awful about things happening in their personal life… only then to be pushed to go to the next course to sort it all out. I’ve seen people made to feel responsible for people having heart attacks (which meant the person having a heart attack missed a course) and it was the blame of the master as to why their potential student had experienced this. I’ve seen Avatar Masters lend huge amounts of money to other masters….all approved by a trainer but never ever lent by Stars Edge – which is cunning and deceitful. This often happened when people were either in altered states of consciousness or were desperate and had no other means to get the money. Even the unemployed were lent money. I’ve seen masters shunned, manipulated, controlled, give up their partners, life, money and be taught into going against their own integrity for the sake of the “bigger picture” and in having a Guardian Heart. It is shocking!! And this is “exactly” what happens in Scientology too! I have also seen QMs stalk other masters and their FB pages…to only report this activity to a trainer. I have also witnessed events which I can only term as Avatar’s version of Fair Game – although maybe not as intense. However, this was lower down the pyramid so I have no idea how these activities transpire at the very top of the pyramid. To me personally it is sinister and the more you research this stuff and compare it all to the likes of Scientology (especially the inner workings) the more I have no time in giving them any credit what-so-ever for their course materials. Anyone can borrow snippets of teachings, rework what they have learnt else where and then organise it in a strategic way. It is not rocket science. The amount of time Harry and Avra spent in Scientology – owning a Mission – and being trained up to very high OT levels is deceitful. Where the Avatar materials comes from is deceitful. I personally have dug deep into this and read the Scientology OT levels which have been hosted on the Wikileaks website and the similarity is shocking. The checklist is pretty much the same – a copy and pasted job….as is the terminology, the way exercises are presented and conducted, entity rundowns, some wording, etc etc. Again…this is deceitful!

    I will not go into my view on this any further here – I will save it for another time. I just want to warn people and encourage them to fully do their research before undertaking ANY of the Avatar materials, courses, etc. Again, check out the Open Mind Foundation and Jon Atack’s book called: Opening Minds (the secret world of manipulation, undue influence and brainwashing). It is excellent!! Also for others check out any of Steven Hassan’s material. I particularly found useful his books Combatting Mind Control and Freedom of Mind: Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults and Beliefs. I recommend the last one to those who have a loved one in Avatar as its really helpful in terms of guiding you “how not to approach it and what not to say”. It’s really important not to actually push someone deeper within the group from our words and actions and this information can help you know how to deal with it loving and compassionately.

    And just one last thing, there is no need to worry so much about sharing due to copyright or defamation. There are circumstances where these things are not legally protected for Stars Edge, no matter how much they bully or throw threats at us in using their so-called powerful lawyers. Its just bullying tactics and really highlights their true intentions. For example when shared in “fair use”, copyrighted materials can be shared and when for the public good/preventing the harm of another, and the sharing is not out of spite or harm to the Network…defamation is a very hard claim to make. Also the law of Undue Influence is huge in this area and covers pretty much anyone who has undertaken the Avatar Course…as nearly everyone has been unduly influenced to take it or at least take the next courses. This law makes all contracts void and also could open up to many legal claims. Just something for all to investigate.

    Again, thanks so much for this opportunity to share and I really hope that one day we are all so well informed and educated that groups like this can no longer operate.

    Huge gratitude to you Dr.


    • Dear Rachel,
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your experiences. Like you I have seen the inner workings of the Stars Edge network. Many of the Advanced Interns that were interning back in the early 2000’s are still paying intern fees and have not manifested their primaries to become QM’s or trainers. It is probably a testament to the level of thought control that keeps someone interning 15 years after they created their primary to be a QM and still hasn’t made it. I am glad you have seen things for what they are and made your exit. Well done.
      Toodle Pip
      The Dr.

  24. Hi Harley

    my wife has recently been involved with Avatar…(roughly 2 months)
    My first instincts about the course were true after reading your page and digging around on the internet however it comes too late. In writing this she is in Florida half way through the wizards course. I was concerned about her spending so much money on this course at first but naively didn’t question it as she had friends that had done the course and spoke well of it, she also was glowing and very happy about the results i just didn’t put up any fight against it.

    Now in hindsight i wish i had done some background on the course.

    When she returns from the trip i intend to talk with her in as open and un-biased way possible, i have talked with my family and friends for support
    but i wish to ask you how you might approach the confronting issue with her?

    How would I best address this with her with minimal harm to her psychologically? I want to connect with her on this serious issue.

    I am feeling quite distressed about it and don’t want that to be an issue that imposes on the chance to get her out of this program, I am concerned as she has mentioned another course plan in months to come.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.



  25. Dear Joel,
    Thanks for visiting. Sorry for my tardy response as I have only just seen your comment.
    Based on my previous experience here’s a few observations:

    When a loved on returns from Wizards they will will arrive home in an unusual state, after all they have been messing around with their consciousness for 2 weeks. Some can be unstable (it’s normal for things to very unsettled for the first couple of weeks)

    Many people experience a post course “high” and they may have made commitments and set primaries to take a student on the next Avatar Course in their region. This usually means that they have a renewed sense of urgency around talking to family and friends about the great experience they have had and a desire to have friends and family experience it too. If they have made a commitment to be at the next Avatar Delivery they will be getting daily phone calls from a more senior Avatar Master to support them to get somebody/anybody signed up.

    Some people experience an intense low when they return home and find people not that supportive to their next step on the Avatar Path whatever the next step is. This will be a confusing and emotional time for them.

    A few people return home in an unstable emotional state and some even end up in Hospital as a result (Let’s hope that this is not the case for your wife).

    Some will return with great intentions to improve their relationships with loved ones and friends, others may see anyone who isn’t going to support them on the Avatar path as people who need to be put aside.

    Here’s the hard part Joel…. In the first 2 weeks after the return from Wizards my belief is that the best thing to do is to refrain from any effort to wake these people up or to educate them or deprogram them. I am not a professional so take my suggestions as suggestions only. It’s a bit like riding out the storm for a couple of weeks as things settle down.

    The Avatars who have committed to be on the next course will have a particularly tough couple of weeks especially if they don’t achieve success early on. This will have them hitting some feelings of discouragement and failure and when they share this with their supporting Master they will be allocated Avatar exercises to do and they may spend a lot of time behind closed doors and on the phone.

    In my view any attempts to educate the Wizard on the error of their ways will be met not with reason but with stubborn refusal to discuss it or explore any alternative views, after all they will feel like they are the enlightened ones and will have had hours of indoctrination about the “rightness” of what they are doing.

    In closing Joel, for 2 weeks try to be non confrontational and remember that what comes out of their mouths is the result of 13 days of full on indoctrination on Avatar ideology, no one is going to be able to reason them out of their views in an hour or a day or a week. The time to deal with these issues comes later when the person has arrived back at normal life. But what to do then are suggestions for another time. What you may like to request from them is a period of 2 weeks where they don’t make any major commitments on anything to do with money, work, or relationships.This is entirely reasonable but your wife will possibly find this undermining instead of supportive and she will most likely struggle with things that question her lack of faith in Avatar or commitment to Avatar.

    What I wish for you as that your wife returns home excited by her experiences in the last couple of weeks and is ready to apply the Avatar Tools and processes to help her achieve the personal goals that she may have for her life and yours rather than become a slave to the Stars Edge Organization.

    In all the years I have been writing this blog I doubt that it has had any effect on Avatar enthusiasts. Sadly reading this blog wont turn a zealous Avatar into a more rational and compassionate human being. What it will do is help the bewildered family and friends of Avatar converts gain an understanding of what is going on and it may help the Avatars who have started to question their experiences with a different view and may help them with the process of waking up.

    I attended Wizards multiple times and it took a full 2 years of no contact with my old Avatar crew to gain the courage to question my experiences and look at the possibilities of Avatar not necessarily being the best self evolvement course on the planet.

    Buckle up old boy you may be in for a bit of a bumpy ride but there is hope (I am living proof of that)

    Best Wishes
    The Dr.

    • Thanks for getting back to me Harley.

      Yes it feels much of what you have said. I do get the sense from speaking with her over skype that she wants to come back with a goal of improving relationships in ways and her own life too… i feel optimistic about her state of mind but am prepared for the emotional side too.

      I will have to take it slowly.

      I can probably expect her to have a set of answers for all my questions.

      thanks again.



  26. Agreed. I am not continuing this mumbo jumbo mess. My last day
    of the first course is today.

  27. Good morning,

    I recently returned from the 2-Day ‘Resurfacing’ course in Orlando, Florida. The premise is decent, as you are drawn in by a master to overcome the problems holding you back in your life. Generally, this will take the form of focusing on one particular problem and setting the stage for your arrival to the course. I was pleased with a bit of the material as it applied to my own well-being, but generally realized that I am in control of my own destiny and future. My choice for the future was to pick up the ‘Good Book’ and supplement my own beliefs with scripture.

    Generally if something feels out of place, it is. That was my first feeling after the second day. I was wholeheartedly pressured to return as soon as possible, with masters telling me that my work commitments and time available were – for the most part, excuses I was using, or rather…limitations to coming back to the course.

    There does appear to be a sinister force at play here, as – ironically – the students and masters are fully indoctrinated into a new belief. It’s quite scary, as you are forced to look inwards to realize that your life has been filled with constant error and despair throughout.

    I believe that this course is, in the simplest form of the word, a prelude to addiction and blindness for those who continue down the path.

    • Thank you John for your comments. I am waiting here at the hotel and watching the freak show make their departure. I got some benefit from the work. It has too many rules and group think is not my deal. I wish them all well but I am done with it.

      • Hi Andria,
        Thank you for visiting. It’s good that you got some benefit for the money you paid to attend. If it’s not for you then be glad that you haven’t been talked/pressured into signing up for the next step.
        Kind regards
        The Dr.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for visiting. It is not very common that people visit my site just after completing a course. It’s normally loved ones of an attendee that visit concerned with the changes they see in the person who has just done a course. Your comments regarding the students leaving the course indoctrinated with new beliefs is very on target. Sadly many people leave the course with some awareness of their old indoctrinations but oblivious to the new ones they have picked up.

      Best wishes for the future,
      The Dr.

  28. Thanks for all your postings and comments! I am just researching Avatars course after a friend of my mentioned it to me, and the information here is very helpful to me!

  29. Just attended a re-surffing workshop. Many pathways to the one truth but this is not my path. The wisdom in the books is basically borrowed from ancient eastern doctrine . For me, the study of ancient wisdom from a lineage that has stood the test of time ( over 5000 years and doesn’t charge you $$$ to sit and discuss your belief system and pain with unqualified professionals) is the wise choice.

    I felt many of these so called “masters” lacked the necessary skills ( and compassion) to be handling peoples (strangers) consciousness and their history.

    Although the exercises were supportive and beneficial, I don’t believe that the organization is integral or stable.

    Belief or not…..it’s a deep intuitive gut feeling.

  30. My Avatar Journey was over before it began! My wife went in January to the Resurfacing Level one workshop, at a time when she needed something. We have always approached our development as a team so I registered to go to a local Byron Bay event next weekend. I only ordered the resurfacing activities book because my wife had the balance of the resource pack. This did not please the local Avatar person who told me I must buy the entire pack for myself ‘because students report having a very personal relationship with their books and resources and it is a personal thing and I should not share with my wife’. In other words, Avatar makes it’s money out of the book sales and I was not playing the game according to the system. She totally snapped rapport with me and I immediately had a bad gut feel that this was a very pushy system. My wife reported hating the way she felt pressured into moving to the next stages. no doubt they will discuss how this resistance in me to play their game is the exact reason I should do it! And yet, I did some clearing work around the resistance and knew for certain it was my emotional system warning me not to get involved. To their credit, she did refund my $330 fee the very next day once she knew for sure I was not proceeding and remained assertive about my refund. Hope this helps some.

  31. Of. Avatar. So glad I escaped “relatively “ unscathed. 1. The secrecy of their program. What a load of hogwash since so much of it is stolen from other spiritual practices far older than Stars edge’ existence…such as The Compassion e revise which is practically word for word stolen from Buddhist practices.
    How many of the ideas are stolen from New Thought teachers who FREELY shared them to let people improve their lives—teachers like Phineas Quincy, Thomas Troward,
    Ernest Holmes, even Abraham-Hicks, Hinduism,the Spiritualist movement, and so many more that they try to lay claim to as their original thoughts and expressions.
    Talk about being out of integrity. It is a money making pyramid scheme and will suck those who continue dry. And pressure to attend the next level and of being in new students….to the point where I blocked every one of them who were calling multiple times a day for MONTHS even after I told them I was no longer interested in taking courses.
    I pity anyone who gets sucked in.

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