The true cost of my Avatar involvement

When I first encountered Avatar I was a self confident successful businessman. I had a big job with big rewards and a big ego to match.

Something happened when I became involved with Avatar. My business success seemed selfish and I was sucked in to believing in a bigger goal, one where I chose to commit myself to service to others and their potential enlightenment.

I was seduced (not sexually) by my Master and other Masters and I traded in my business success for something I believed more meaningful and made Avatar my life’s work.

The cost was lost hours, lost relationships, loss of self and lost dollars as I slaved away to help people on the path of enlightenment that Avatar offered.

I processed myself to death using Avatar run downs and tried to get rid of who I was to become a more worthy Master.

My psyche was systematically broken down using the Avatar tools and by being “on course” and on the path for 8 years.

The damage has been permanent. I disintegrated rather than integrated and so severely that I don’t remember unless prompted by others the good things that I did in my life Pre Avatar. My beliefs somehow became that Pre Avatar I was a bad person, egotistical and self serving and to be truly on the path I needed to discreate all the identities and personality traits that would get in the way of me being truly in service to others. I feel like an empty shell compared to who I once was.

The submission to the Avatar path and my place in it was total. Don’t get me wrong I kicked and fought along the way but the belief that I needed to erase the bad parts of who I was and become a loyal follower always was in the back of my mind.

I take responsibility for my own part in it. My desire to succeed made me take the processing and punishments dished out to an extreme level. If someone was going to provide Harry 5 new Avatars to pay for a transgression I would promise 15. It was go big or go home.

Perhaps this belief of “I am not good, but I’d like to improve who I am and make a difference” is at the core of every person who embarks on a personal development journey and is what makes us susceptible to the cult leaders who appear to offer a path to improvement and a chance to be part of something bigger, something noble, something transcendent.

There are two things in my life where I made choices that could have truly impacted my life in a major way. The first was to do Avatar which has affected me psychologically and had a major impact financially, then second was to invest half of my net worth in a Ponzi scheme with a crook I met on an Avatar Course.

Fortunately I backed out of the investment in the Ponzi scheme at the last minute which would have truly ruined me financially.

Sadly the Avatar investment I made in myself has negatively impacted not only me but also my family.

In addition to spending the tens of thousands of dollars in attending all the courses and interning constantly I have also had medical expenses as a result of the damage to my psyche and the treatment required to rehabilitate me back to some sort of a functioning human being.

More than a decade on I still suffer from limited capacity to do the things I used to be able to do without effort but I am happy and well which I certainly wasn’t in Avatar.

I am extremely fortunate that my earlier life choices (Pre Avatar) have meant that I don’t have to worry about how to pay my bills even though my earning potential pretty much disappeared post Avatar. I have taken a decade to get comfortable with the waste of a career and lost potential income if I had been able to stay in business. After getting over the loss I now wake up every day grateful for what I have rather than disappointed or resentful for what I have lost.

Today I watched “The Vow” a TV series regarding Keith Raniere and his cult NXIVM. I was struck by the similarities between it and Avatar. Not for the sexual slavery he created but by the similarities between what he did to build his cult and what Harry and L.Ron Hubbard did to create theirs.

I was inspired by the efforts of the people in the organization to bring him to account when they finally realized what they were involved in and what they were perpetuating.

Keith had practically unlimited resources to bring against former devotees who left and tried to expose him and the attack of “suppressive persons” is something that Avatar, Scientology and NXIVM all have in common.

Ultimately the abusive behavior of these cult leaders will be exposed and they will be bought to account. Have fun in prison Keith.

Avatar devotees will be familiar with Harry and Avra’s Karma points. I think that Harry does not see himself as an evil person but I do believe that a Karma points reckoning is in his future and if there is any justice in the world he will have to account for the Karma points he gave out but also the negative Karma points he created through the years of exploitation and hardship his loyal followers experience.

I don’t believe in past lives or even future ones but If Harry and Avra were to come back in future lives based on their deeds in this one they would undoubtedly come back as an ass and a snake.

This post is dedicated to a person who I very much admire. It’s for you Rachel. wink wink.

Much love

The Dr.


New site for Avatar related information

I haven’t had anything new to report for a long time now as I have been out of Avatar’s clutches for over 10 years so I feel it is time to pass the baton to Amanda who has taken the lead on providing information on everything Avatar so please visit her site


The Future of Avatar

Recently Harry informed his loyal followers that there are only going to be 2 more Wizards Courses. Daytona Beach is the venue for Jan Feb 2018 and there will be no Wizards Course in 2019 with the final ever Wizards being held in Orlando in 2020.

What Harry hasn’t said is why. There are a few possibilities.

  1. Harry is getting old and as he is the main man for Wizards he might be finding it a bit too strenuous. Perhaps he wants to retire.
  2. As the number of attendees for Wizards is a mixture of first timers who pay and repeats who get a free review the numbers may be growing on the freebies and making it less financially viable.
  3. Harry and Avra have made plenty of dosh and with no kids to leave an inheritance to they may have decided it’s time to slow down. As Avra runs the trainers and the masters with cult like feverishness I doubt that she will ever be ready to slow down.

All the other courses that are basically run by Avra are still full steam ahead.

Many movements with great leaders plan to hand over the reigns to a trustworthy replacement to carry on the cause. David Miscavidge replaced L.Ron Hubbard in Scientology. What about Avatar? Is there a likely replacement for Harry? Perhaps one of the trainers will take over but I doubt that Avra would loosen her vice like grip and let any of the team have a more powerful position than her.

Sometimes a text doesn’t really become holy or powerful until after the author dies. I suspect Harry will become more revered than he is now after his death and that the Avatar movement will continue as long as there are enough worker bees to slave away for the cause.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Toodle Pip

The Dr.



Hi there visitors,

For a full range of Avatar related topics please look back through the archives. You should be able to find posts on almost anything Avatar related. If you cant find anything on the matter you are interested feel free to ask a question in the comments section.

Have an awesome reality filled day.

Toodle Pip

The Dr


It’s been a while

I haven’t posted for a while as it seems that I have said everything I need to say and there isn’t any new material that’s come my way worth commenting on.

I saw a Facebook post by Harry talking about the American elections coming up. His points were coherent and a valid perspective on the situation in the US at the moment which seems largely based on fear not on tolerance and the general betterment of mankind.

Any individual that attends an Avatar Course has the potential to improve the world by being a better person as a result. Sadly some people who attend his courses also come away with some damage and this is truly regrettable.

Harry’s view of an enlightened planetary civilisation is a goal worth striving for. My view differs from his not because the goal is wrong but because he and I differ in the way to achieve the goal.

The solution is pretty simple really. If we all treated each other the way we wish to be treated you would see true compassion in action and not the kind of artificial compassion that his Compassion Exercise generates.

If you want to see the world become a better place try faith, hope and love with the most important of these being love.

Toodle Pip

The Dr.


Guest Post by Avatar Attendee Ivan (unedited)

Hi Harley,

here are some observations and thoughts, I’ll try to keep it short altough it feels like I could write a whole book about it. I want to emphasize once more that this is my personal opinion and may the readers decide for themselves if it is useful for them or not.

It seems to me that there is little to no awareness amongst the masters and trainers about what it means to leave the space open for someone to decide himself. If you are insecure about yourself, there is a tremendous willingness of the masters and trainers to ”fill in the blank” by stating that creating more Avatars is the thing you are here for. I don’t think that they do it on purpose, there is simply no awareness around that this is indoctrination at it’s best, even if the intention may be to help others. This makes it extremely delicate because it then depends on the student wether he or she is able to stay true to their own intentions or if they are taking on the seemingly honourable idea to contribute to an epc. In my case, I felt from the beginning that I did not want to participate under the circumstances that Stars Edge offers and I didn’t buy it that these concerns were only secondaries as I was told. My advise is to be careful with this and taking your time is not only worth it but absolutely necessary, because it might be your intuition that is discreated as a secondary!
Anyway our brain is not a computer. Things need some time to settle. I can’t see that there is anyting wrong with that. There is a widespread belief among masters that you have to get everything as quickly as possible which fits most of us because who likes to wait for something nowadays? Someone even told me, when it came to me enrolling on further courses, that we have to hurry up to save the planet because next year it might be too late. Just hold on a minute! Ok that’s a viewpoint but I don’t like it because it’s totally based on fear and does not increase my freedom to choose in this matter. Doesn’t feel good to me. I think many are saying yes at that point in order to avoid disapproval. It has nothing to do with source power if you ask me.

Moreover I experienced that Stars Edge has very little to no interest in taking responsibility for their products. I’m not saying that the customers are not responsible too, in the end, it’s the individual who decides to take a course, to deliver Avatar or whatever they want to make of the experience. But I’m missing something there. I’m running my own company in the forestry/woodworking business. I’m aware that the services I offer can be dangerous and that I have the full responlibility to take all measures I can to work as securely as possible. If somebody uses a chainsaw for example without proper training, protection gear or under the influence of alcohol, I think we all agree that this is irresponsible. But it’s not the whole story. As a chainsaw manufacturer, I should have a genuine interest to make my product as safe as possible and if something happens, I should evaluate if there is something more I can do to prevent such accidents or if it only was the handling that caused the accident. At Star’s Edge, there is, as I have experienced it, no interest to even consider that some tools might not work as they are intended to as experienced by many students and masters. If you have problems with the processing, this is only because of you. Well that’s ok if it’s only me taking a course but if I’m to work in a team like that, I can’t tolerate this attitude. And this is the same for my own business. The day I’m not interested anymore in optimizing processes and in the end the service for my customers, I gotta drop everything and walk away. No exeptions when I’m in the self development business. The importance of it can’t be overestimated.

I still think there is a lot of good things to be learned in Avatar and if you take it in wisely. It can really change things for the better. I’ve been doing it five years now, I experience gains from it even today. Some exercises went out the window for me quite short after I had begun with them, the CHP for example or doing primaries. These just don’t work for me and I don’t think I’m the only one who experiences this. Anyway did you ever think about it: Can you discreate a belief? I mean really discreate it. Even if you run a CHP on it, you still will be aware of it and you will also see that you once believed it: So sorry but, no magical poofs here, like Harry says in one of his talks.
At it’s best, you could discreate the impression or the feeling of having a belief. Is this really useful? I don’t think so. If you want to change a pattern or a habit you have there is only two things to be done. Become aware of what belief might be in your way and accept that you decided once to hold it. Then I’m afraid that you’ll have to get to work and ACT according to the new belief you want to experience. It’s a matter of willpower and not of discarding old beliefs.

If you don’t know what to believe, I’m afraid Avatar can’t help you with that. Its very likely that you will end up believing that Avatar is the best thing on the planet and the only way to be happy is to contribute to its mission to create an EPC. If you already know what you are believing, it might help you greatly to achieve that, like it was in my case. From the people I know who are doing Avatar, none have abandoned their families or their jobs and ended up as broke avatarmasters so I don’t have any personal experience with that. I do not regret that I have done all the courses except for the professional course. That was not my cup of tea. After all, I don’t feel any contempt for Harry, Stars Edge or their staff or the masters. I will make the best I can out of the experience and it has dramatically increased my understanding of my own beliefs and the world of indoctrination, peer pressure and all that comes along with it. And I owe a big thanks to the Doctor and this blog, it has helped me to filter and process all the contradictions and weird feelings that I have experienced on the courses that I thought might be secondaries on my way. They weren’t, thank goodness I never stopped believing in my ability to discern.

Thanks to you all who are willing to share and spread useful information about the Avatar course, may you all experience true happiness and love in your lives.

Sincerely,  Ivan


New Research just in…

A recent Study of the Human Potential Movement has revealed that the proportion of males with Pony Tails actually surpasses that of the advertising and film industry. In a recent photo of Harry I see he is now sporting a “Tail”

Further studies have shown that men with Pony Tails are far more likely to sell snake oil than even the infomercial kings and queens.

Put a tail on it and call it a donkey. More attractive than a mule or a burro but still a member of the ass family.

Dateline out.


Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

If you watch a video of one of Harry’s talks you will struggle to see why people speak out against Avatar. The words Harry speaks usually seem reasonable and peaceful and backed by seemingly good intent. He doesn’t come across like the over energised self-help gurus like Tony Robbins.

People looking on the web for some background information on Avatar before attending a course are often surprised at the strength of feeling vented by those who are anti Avatar.

Even people who have attended the Basic Avatar Course often appear to have this Rose Tinted Glasses view of this self-improvement guru.

My own experience of the basic Avatar Course was overall positive. I encountered stuff on the course that I thought was as kooky as any weirdo cult but because my attention  was on what I could get out of it and I had no intention of being talked in to attending the Masters Course it didn’t seem that harmful to me.

The course is dressed up as a help yourself, help the world gig and most people can grasp the concept that self-improvement benefits more than just me.

But the marketing promotional materials don’t tell the whole story. The rave reviews given by students who have attended the course are often testimony to the fact that what is produced is nothing more than a belief that things are better.

I am not trying to take anything away from the people who have attended and gained real benefits, I was one of those.

What is worth pointing out however is that the amazing benefits and gains made by attendees are often not experienced that way by the friends and family. Many comments have been posted by family members who have observed an increased selfishness of a loved one rather than an increase in compassion and personal responsibility.

The following are some observations of some of the things the course produces:

  • People who speak with a particular terminology (Avatar Speak).
  • People who are emotionally unstable.
  • People who appear to be less open to ideas and points of view.
  • People who are zealous about the course and Harry
  • People who appear to make rash decisions (I have decided that I am going to go to the Masters Course in Orlando next week even though I will have to borrow money to get there)
  • People who are unwilling to have a rational conversation or debate about the not so helpful aspects of Avatar.
  • People who break agreements and become increasingly self-centered.

There is no doubt that the materials and exercises of the Avatar Course produce significant changes for most (yes that’s right, most of the course attendees report significant gains) These gains may be temporary and fleeting as many people get a shock when the leave the love bombed atmosphere and go back to the real world.

What struck me when I watched the videos again was how they appeared warm and fuzzy and in such contrast to the people who have had bad experiences with Avatar. How can something that appears to promote compassion and the improvement of humanity have such a bitter aftertaste for so many?


Harry and Scientology

I have always thought Scientologists were the main ingredient in Peanut Butter. I didn’t really know much about them until I watched the new movie Going Clear which is a pretty good look at the behind the scenes goings on in the Scientology organisation. That Tom Cruise fellow really has drunk the Cool Aid!

When I heard that Harry had been into Scientology and left it, that gave him kudos as far as I was concerned. What I didn’t realise was the similarities between Scientology and Avatar.

Here’s what I think Harry learned from LRH. You can classify your belief system as Religion in the US for the benefit of earning tax-free status. The downside of this is that you then leave yourself open to criticism and government investigation. Harry appears to have adopted a for Profit status for his corporation Stars Edge with the smarts to realise that as long as he pays his taxes he can stay pretty much under the radar.

He has had some legal difficulties in the past with the most recent being the Cease and Desist order in Florida regarding his false claim as an Educational Psychologist. However aside from this and his earlier beefs with Scientology and Eldon Braun there is remarkably little attention on his organisation from the authorities.

It does appear that Harry applied many of his learnings from running a Scientology Mission in the structure and terminology of his courses. The film footage at the Scientology Rallies is quite similar the theatrical productions you get to see at Wizards Course and Pro Course.

Because Scientology seems so brutal in its attacking of Scientology critics and even dissenters in its midst I am quite surprised that Harry and Avra appear to have stolen money from people who paid to do Scientology courses and never got what they paid for.  As a lot of his initial customers for Avatar were previous Scientology customers I would have expected him to experience all sorts of harassment from the Scientology HQ.

LRH and Hairy Palmer have in common a love of Science Fiction and have some ability to make even the weirdest crap believable. LRH seemed quite mad but good ole Hairy seems eccentric rather than a complete bobble head. Harry spending time on another planet as he claimed in A Wizards talk I heard him give just made me think the guy had a couple of cogs loose.

LRon appeared to fall victim to the same ailments that chronic liars experience in that I believe he really started to believe that the stuff he made up was actually true. Creating images in your brain and repeating them often enough will have you start to recall these images as memories rather than the fantasy that they started out to be.

Both Hairy and LRon have abused their staff in the past if the reports on the web about Harry’s Scientology staff are to be believed. There is also some content on the web about some of the early Avatar crew falling out with Harry and Avra as it took a while for the leopard to change his spots. Perhaps Harry was actually successful in dis-creating some of his more opportunistic identities.

Anybody that tells you a stories about extra terrestrials and a Galactic Confederacy and also asks you to pay for the steps of the Enlightenment path is someone to be wary of don’t you think?



Enlightening the world or lightening your wallet.

I saw on Facebook today a post by Anne Lamott. I have no idea who she is but I read her speech to a graduating class of a University and the following point really stuck out for me .

Every single spiritual tradition says the same three things: 1) Live in the now, as often as you can, a breath here, a moment there. 2) You reap exactly what you sow. 3) You must take care of the poor, or you are so doomed that we can’t help you.

What struck me was the last point. I live in a first world country plagued with first world problems but even where I live there are the poor, the abused, the exploited, the hungry, the sick and the list goes on.

I just read a Pro Course brochure that arrived in the mail today. There is a quote from an attendee of Pro Course that says “I don’t need two weeks at the beach, I’d much rather be at the Pro Course.”

For all of Harry’s encouragement to live a life in service to others the quote above actually sums up a lot of the Avatar experience. Being at any Avatar event is actually the domain of the wealthy who can afford the course fees and the Hotel expenses and the travel to attend, or sadly in many cases it is the domain of those who have become indebted to raise the funds to be there.

Points 1 and 2 from Anne Lamott speech are in alignment with the Avatar experience but to my knowledge point 3 is completely ignored (although once I gave a street beggar some change on my way back to the Hotel after a day at the Wizards course if that counts)

I only bring attention to this point because it seems odd that there is no stated intention anywhere from Star’s Edge to help the poor. In fact if you listen to the stories of people who attended Avatar in the past there are numerous accounts of people who experienced some form of poverty after raising the funds to attend.

Does Stars Edge donate any of it’s significant profits to the worlds poor? The answer is “I don’t know” and I am thinking maybe I should know.

Come on Harry how about it?

Toodle Pip
The Dr.

Why having a rational conversation with an Avatar Master is so bloody difficult!

I have noticed that most of my experience of conflict in life (and particularly with my wife) is when my point of view is different or opposes another’s point of view.

When conflict resolves it is my experience that there is a willingness for either party to let go of their point of view for a moment and try to stand in the shoes of the other person. Breakthrough occurs usually when the conflicting parties can actually identify with the others point of view and don’t need to make it wrong anymore.

Avatar Masters and Wizards prize themselves on being able to look at something from every possible point of view. This concept is explored with some of the exercises on the Wizards Course.

What is unusual then is the total unwillingness of Masters to examine any criticism of Avatar, Harry, Avra, Stars Edge etc.

It’s like they hit some resistance and just wont allow themselves to occupy any viewpoint or perspective that is negative in any way about Avatar.

People who are unwilling to accept any point of view that doesn’t line up with  their own are usually labeled as dogmatic and narrow-minded.

When an Avatar Master asserts this dogmatic rejection of criticism others its as if the person is unwilling to have a rational conversation.

Having a rational conversation with an Avatar Master is a bit of an oxymoron really. Once attaining the status of Avatar and then Avatar Master the questioning of Avatar is then seen as an integrity issue. It’s a dangerous no go territory for the Master and they will be encouraged to explore any tendencies they have that cause them to doubt Harry’s intentions.

Visitors to this blog often would like advice on how to talk a loved one out of Avatar. The difficulty here is that the Avatar Master has explored and strengthened their certainty of belief about Avatar being the best thing on the planet to 100%.

Trying to talk an Avatar Master into believing Avatar has some dodgy practises is a bit like trying to talk a donkey into thinking it’s a horse. Some beings are just determined to stay an Ass.

Toodle Pip
The Dr


Is Sacred Dance really sacred or is it another way to control large groups?

On the Avatar Masters Course the day is ended with an activity called Sacred Dance.

When I asked an experienced Master what the purpose of Scared Dance was I was given the answer “It helps you integrate”

So how does that work?

To give some context Sacred Dance is a time where all the course participants are taught a group dance. It’s more formal than Folk Dancing and reminds me of the Dances you see on movies where the aristocracy perform a group dance in England, France or maybe Russia in the 1700’s

I really enjoyed Scared Dance it it felt like a great way to end a full on day.

So why is it called Sacred Dance?

Wikipedia describes Sacred means revered due to association with holiness. Holiness, or sanctity, is in general the state of being holy (perceived by religious individuals as associated with divinity) or sacred (considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspiring awe or reverence among believers).

So here’s what I noticed:

The Stars Edge Trainers certainly treated the Sacred Dance activity as something that inspires awe and reverence of Harry and his materials.

Unlike free form dance which is an expression of someones individuality organised dance when done by a large group has the sense of everyone being the same and co-operating. Doing your own thing here actually disrupts the greater whole.

I could be accused of being a bit of a conspiracy theorist on this topic and trying to read meaning into something that could be no more than a fun thing to do with a large group.

I do however know that alignment is an extremely important to Stars Edge and activities that can align and control people are used frequently in the various Avatar Courses.

On reflection Avatar Masters are a bit like the Borg on Star Trek, they seem to become of one mind.


Toodle Pip

The Dr.



The Mad Rush to get to Wizards 2015

The Stars Edge Network will be buzzing right now trying to get last-minute registrations in for the Wizards Course. If you are one of the many who are feeling pressured to do whatever it takes to get to Wizards please take some time out and look through my blog archives for some useful information that may save you $7500.

Toodle Pip

The Dr.

P.S. When it comes to Wizards it’s not about an Enlightened Planetary Civilisation, it’s about Harry’s bank balance because Every Person Counts!)

Wizards Course promo time.

It’s that time of the year again. Wizards Course is top of the agenda.

In the promo material Avra describes the Wizards course as Harry’s gift to humanity or something like that (I’ve thrown the brochure in the trash).

If it is Harry’s gift then why does it costs $7500???

The logic escapes me.

Toodle Pip

The Dr

Black and white worms explained.

Every one of us will have had an encounter with someone where we go away feeling a little uneasy after the encounter. Perhaps you feel a little less sure of yourself maybe doubtful. On the other hand sometimes we can have an encounter that has us feeling inspired and more confident.

When you have an encounter where you feel uneasy or concerned it is probably as a result of something that the person you encountered said. Some people are gifted at planting or seeding ideas that make one doubt themselves.

In Avatar Harry uses the term “worm” to explain the planting of a belief in an others consciousness. Planting worms like “you will love the Masters course, it will really take you to a new level” Harry calls a white worm. White worms are just really positive statements or ideas that encourage a person to do something that would be good for them.

Unfortunately what is good for another is dependant on the viewpoint of the planter. For example I could believe I am planting a white worm in an attractive female by saying “You really need to have sex with me, it will set you free from some limiting beliefs that are holding you back in experiencing life in all it’s fullness” I may believe the worm will be beneficial for the receiving female, but is it really?

A black worm is a belief that you plant in someone’s consciousness to cause harm or have a negative effect. “You’re disgusting Muriel” is undoubtedly a black worm. Sadly many of us encounter these ideas drummed into us on a regular basis and they can affect our sense of self. In Avatar a black worm would be seen as something specific that attacks Harry or Avra or the Stars Edge Network. For example “This integrity course seems like a waste of money” uttered by a Master would be seen by Avra as a black worm and seen as a statement of illuminating fact by a Master perceiving that they are not making the gains they expected.

In short, white and black worms are just labels given to explain the impact of influencing others with ideas (beliefs) that can have a positive or negative impact on the receiver. Much is written by Avatar critics about worms but the reality is they are not unique to Avatar or even to cults, they exist in families, groups of friends, clubs, workplaces and virtually anywhere that people desire to influence the behaviour of others.

If you like the idea of worms, plant worms that would improve the lives of others and not for your own benefit.

Toodle Pip
The Dr

6 Years since leaving Avatar

It has been six years since I had anything to do with the Avatar Course and the Stars Edge Network.

One of the trainers told me when I was still involved that if I didn’t continue on the path I would “Go back to sleep”. The idea being that I would lose my awakening if I didn’t continue with endless reviews of the course and dedicate my life fully to delivering Avatar.

At the time I was implanted with this worm from the trainer I did truly fear that my life would fall to pieces if I turned my back on the organisation that I had invested countless hours with and close to $100,000.00 in cold hard cash.

The reality is that my life is way better without Avatar than it was with it. The tools and techniques can deliver some benefit and they are not all bad but the Stars Edge Network responsible for the dissemination and delivery of the Avatar Course for me was truly an unhealthy cult like beast.

I am all for personal development and the active intention to create a better world but the Avatar ideology just doesn’t do it I’m afraid.

Sadly the stories of those who have experienced harm as a result of their involvement with Avatar continue to surface.

World Peace is continually challenged by fanatical belief systems that create division and the power of belief systems causes innocent people to be exploited and killed. I have to agree with Harry that the integration of belief systems is required for world peace to ensue. I just don’t see Avatar having any impact on the integration of belief systems.


It’s Avatar Pro Course time again.

Every year at about this time I receive a brochure in the mail encouraging me to attend Pro Course.

The thought that struck me this time was that I am lucky it’s just a brochure. Normally when you are on the Avatar database for every upcoming Masters, Pro Course or Wizards Course you will be allocated to a Master to phone you up and reconnect with you with the goal of getting you signed up for the next course. I must be in the Don’t Call list as I never get the calls thankfully.

In this years Pro Course brochure I read in a testimonial from John Toomey from Australia that “Pro Course is this wonderful Course where you get to handle  all those little things that are just sitting there in your space. ” Why I wonder would you need to Pro Course if you have already done the basic Avatar Course and the Masters Course to handle all those little things? Well the answer is of course that you don’t need to do it. It’s just another scam in the Multi Level Marketing of Enlightenment by Star’s Edge Inc.

The Pro Course is a favourite amongst Avatar Devotees as its short course where you get some new tools and processes (if you got these on the Avatar Course or the Masters course then Star’s Edge would lose the opportunity to sell you another expensive course!) Most who attend will say its their favourite course of all the Avatar Courses and it’s probably due to the fact that course contains lots of love bombing.

I had fun on my first Pro Course but in reality it was like an expensive Club Med holiday. You go into it looking forward to participating in some activities but the goal of Star’s Edge is that you handle some stuff that would prevent you being a successful Avatar Master. It is probably no different to seminars put on by Multi Level Marketing companies to inspire and motivate the sales force. Of course this is filled with some particularly Harry flavoured wackiness.

I never received my Pro Course Certificate because I refused to hand in my plan showing what I was committing to do in order to get 10 or 20 (I forget which number) of students completing the Avatar Course.

I could describe lots of the silly activity that goes into manipulating large groups at this sort of event but I’ll leave that for another post at another time.

The Prospects for Pro Course are all Avatar Masters so the level of brainwashing they have received will already be significant and I suspect that my recommendation for them not to waste their money will fall on deaf ears or an indoctrinated consciousness.

If you haven’t been to Pro Course and you have heaps of money to travel to Orlando and stay in a hotel and be mentally fiddled with then I guess you may as well go ahead and sign up. It has about as much ability to change your life as a holiday at the beach.

In the mean time there’s still no cure for cancer.

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Why Avatar Tools and processes can’t cure cancer

Harry Palmer claims that the Physical universe is the result of the compaction of beliefs. It is an agreed view amongst those in Avatar that “everything is just a belief”

If this idea is correct then you should be able to discreate conditions by discreating the beliefs that create them. This works for me if I am experiencing poverty and I explore beliefs that I hold that contribute to my condition, I then change them and experience the alleviation of poverty. This would be an example of a belief that creates a condition in my life.

In Harry’s book Living Deliberately he describes that beliefs show up in the following order:

• beliefs that create conditions in your life

• beliefs about requirements and obligations

• beliefs about responsibility and ownership

• beliefs that create identities

• beliefs that create time

• beliefs defining the nature of matter

• beliefs defining the behavior of energy

• beliefs that create space

I assume that disease would be determined by a belief defining the nature of matter. I believe that you can change your experience of life and the world around you by changing beliefs up to the point in the list where beliefs create identities.  Beyond that point Harry’s tools simply have no power to change a thing. If they did Star’s Edge Trainers would be able to discreate disease.

Sue Miller a Stars Edge Trainer did in fact have cancer back in 2008. You would expect that the Stars Edge Trainers who are the most elite members of Harry’s EPC would have mastered the ability to discreate beliefs at all levels.

I have no idea if Sue is still alive but I am pretty sure if she had managed to discreate her cancer then that would be something that would get lots attention and hype.

Avatar tools and processes certainly do have the ability to change your own beliefs and therefore your experience of the world around you but they don’t have the power to change time, matter, energy and space.

Don’t be fooled.


Avatar Marketing, hype and puffery or deceptive an untrue?

With Avatar everyone wins. Every person who becomes an Avatar shifts the collective consciousness toward greater tolerance and understanding. Helping yourself with Avatar helps everyone else at the same time.

– Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

Well Harry I am sure that there are plenty of people who have evidence that the above statement is pure Bullshit.

Advertisers are not allowed to deliberately deceive or make false claims however they are allowed to engage in Puffery. The claim that Avatar is the best self-improvement course on the planet would be classed as puffery because you can’t prove that it is or it isn’t.

“With Avatar everyone wins” is in my view deceptive and misleading. The people who have commented on this blog and the Avatar my Arse post on The Boomtown Rap provide clear evidence that there are often losers as the result of somebodies involvement in Avatar. This evidence is from people who have participated in the course and those who have had friends and family participate.

Harry can make these claims and get away with them until someone complains to the relevant Advertising Standards Authority in their country.




Identity processing can have harmful consequences.

We all have certain identities that when all lumped together create our overall sense of self. Examples of identities are Father, Boss, employee, life of the party, prankster, rebellious son, optimist, bad ass biker, extreme sports enthusiast, alcoholic, Soccer Mom etc etc.

Actors often assume the identity of the person they are playing to try and deliver a more authentic performance.

Each identity can be said to have certain behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that are specific to that identity.

Many of us recognise that we have identities that assert themselves from time to time and that they are not always wanted.

The formation if identity helps us define who we are and shapes how we view and experience the world. Sometimes identity is forced upon us by society.

We often slip in and out of these identities depending on the circumstances we face. It would appear that our overall sense of self or “I am …” is the combination of all of these identities or definitions of self. Obviously not all identities are present all the time, some are put on like a suit of clothes with deliberate intent. For example when I get up in the morning and get dressed and go to work I assume the identity of General Manger. At the end of the day I come home and if I am good at being deliberate about who I want to be in any moment I then adopt the identity of husband and father. I don’t sit at the dinner table and talk to my family like I would talk to my employees during a meeting. Many of us have difficulty shifting the identities deliberately. We all know of someone who can’t seem to switch off their work identity when work has finished and they are in a social situation.

Any definition of “I am” is possibly an identity. I think it’s a fairly loose concept but something most of us can identify with.

Comic book heroes like Batman assume an identity when they put on their costume. This is an extreme example of shifting identity but it illustrates quite well the idea that we behave differently according to which identity we are assuming at the time.

In Avatar the work on identities doesn’t really get much attention until the Masters Course. The Pro Course and the Wizards Course.

Harry’s view is that identities that are deliberately assumed are beneficial but those identities that are on autopilot and just appear are not so helpful.  You can deliberately create an identity for yourself with a Primary. I once created the Primary “I am a babe magnet” with some rather hilarious consequences. If you haven’t experienced creating a primary think of it as a very powerful form of self-hypnosis. Imagine how a person who is totally convinced they are a babe magnet behaves.

Some identities we seem to be able to slip in and out of very quickly and at will others take us by surprise and we can find ourselves stuck in them apparently against our will.

Harry’s explanation for why the identities become stuck or persistent is that you first desire to experience an identity, say a  “Successful Business Person” identity but then before you fully experience it you start resisting an aspect of it. It may be that you need to make tough calls with your staff to be successful and you don’t want to have to fire people or lay them off which you realise is an essential element of the successful business person identity” You find yourself stuck in a situation where you want to do this but you don’t want to do that. It is at this point of experiencing both desire and resistance of the identify where it hangs or gets stuck or becomes persistent.

Have you ever been in a group where some serious gossiping or back stabbing is going on and you join in even though you don’t like the idea of putting people down behind their backs? You leave the situation feeling somewhat ashamed of your behaviour and wonder why you joined in even though knew you shouldn’t? Perhaps this is an example of a persistent or stuck identity that is asserting itself.

The idea that we can get rid of unhelpful identities and their behaviour patterns appears to be a good thing.

The Avatar tools allow you to explore these identities and discreate them. It appears that many Avatar attendees go through this process of discreating identities and therefore certain aspects of self. From my experience running the process leaves a sense of space or a vacuum in your mind or your consciousness. In psychological terms I am unsure of what is actually happening but I do know that for me every time I deliberately discreated an identity my overall sense of self was altered and not just temporarily. The Avatar tools suggest that once you have discreated an identity you can then deliberately create an identity in its place that you prefer. For example I may discreate my persistent angry father identity and then create “I am a kind and loving father” to fill the void. For non Avatars and anyone in the medical profession I am sure this seems like unintelligible gobbledy gook.

I spent years discreating identities using the Avatar tools and foolishly didn’t replace them with anything. The sense for me is that over time I had less and less of a sense of who I was and felt quite lost. Often the discreation of the identity also erased the memories I had associated with that identity. My application of the Avatar Tools was unwise and my sense of self has been altered and diminished. I probably took the processing way beyond its intended use and certainly the creation of helpful identity in my case was sadly lacking. I feel like a bit of an empty shell at times. I have talked with others who have experienced similar changes to their sense of self and they say things like “I am not sure who I am any more”

The Avatar materials are more of a mystical set of texts than scientific ones but using the tools does appear to create observable and experiential phenomena.

It has been reported that some attendees of the Avatar courses experience emotional instability and at the more extreme end psychosis either on the course or in the weeks following. My suspicion is that these experiences are a direct result of the identity processing on the course and one can display significant personality shifts.

We can observe the damage done to a person’s sense of self when they have been a prisoner of war and have been subjected to torture and brainwashing. So there is evidence that being subjected to repeated efforts to alter a person’s psyche can create lasting and often damaging change to their mind/consciousness.  Cults are another example of how prolonged exposure to certain techniques cause significant changes to a persons behaviour and sense of identity. I guess this is why they talk about deprogramming.

While the Avatar materials don’t have the intention to damage a person’s consciousness there are many who have experienced some harmful effects when applying the tools.

I suspect that continual use of tools and processes that alter one’s mind/ consciousness does effect lasting change.

On this blog and on the Boomtown Rap blog there are many comments from friends and family of  Avatar attendees observing disturbing changes in the attendees personality. They report concerning and significant changes in behaviour when the friend or family member returns from the course and often find it hard to reconcile who the person is now compared to the person they were Pre Avatar.

Changing who I am into who I want to be is the goal of most self-improvement programs, religions and spiritual movements. Lasting change is one thing that Avatar promises and delivers on for many, unlike many other self-improvement programs, but sadly the lasting changes are not always positive.

My experience is that the Avatar tools are very very powerful and like any powerful tool can cause damage when not applied with care.

Let’s be careful out there


What will happen when Harry Palmer dies?

I often wonder what will happen to organisations after the founder dies. In companies the founder is usually the one who creates the vision, mission and values of their organisation. How different will Virgin companies be after Richard Branson dies? How will Apple handle life after Steve Jobs? What will Facebook become without Mark Zuckerberg?

In companies where the work product is created by the employees and steered by the vision of the founder there seems to be the ability to live on. Coca Cola, Ford, Harley Davidson, IBM all became bigger than the founder but enough DNA seems to hang around to make them resemble something of the original intention of the founder(s). What does occur is that the products and services they offer change and evolve over time.

In contrast Scientology has lived on and prospered post Ron Hubbard but I doubt that there is much new product.

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism live on based on the original holy texts and the change seems to be in adapting the spiritual practice to suit the current age.

Harry Palmer has set up his personally owned for profit corporation Stars Edge to manage the dissemination of his products and services. As far as I am aware there is no new product development done by anyone other than Harry and I think he is now in his 70’s.

The Avatar Courses have been delivered since 1985 with only minor tweaks to the materials and only by Harry.

He has said that at some point in time in the future there wont be any need for the Avatar Materials. Presumably this will be when enough of the world’s population can manage their belief systems in a way that would facilitate world peace and an attitude of service to others rather than gain from others is the norm.

There supposedly exists a Senior Avatar Council led by Harry as the President that oversees the business affairs of Stars Edge. If Harry dies I imagine that his personal ownership will be transferred in full to Avra. The personal drive and efforts of Harry and Avra have led massive effort from others to expand and grow Avatar.  I can see a day where if Harry dies the Avatar Materials will be somehow made more holy and untouchable than during his life. I predict that Avatar materials will then be treated like sacred texts and the possibility is that it will move from Harry’s personal money-making empire to a Religion or perhaps he will sell his shares to the most promising Stars Edge Trainer who he believes would carry on his original vision.

The model for Avatar’s continuance will probably be that of Scientology where the materials remain the same and the leadership status changes from founding guru to Business Leader.

I guess only time will tell. When Harry and Avra die they have no children to leave their riches to so I wonder what will become of their  sizeable personal fortunes. Perhaps they will naturally discreate, or perhaps like in the case of Scientology someone will pick up the leadership mantle and Avatar will live on.

In any case I think there are probably enough devotees with many years of their lives sacrificed for the cause for Avatar to continue to expand and prosper under the right leadership. The questions for me remain “Who will replace Harry and what will happen to his personal fortune?” “What legacy will actually be left by him?”


Avatar Speak. A Glossary of terms

Cults and groups that have cult like Characteristics have their own special language and Avatar is no different. There are at least three benefits of special language.

1. You can give your language special meaning by giving the term your own definition and meaning

2. You can use the language as a means to assist others to conform to the group standards.

3. The language when used within the group on newcomers can create confusion and this confusion can help overwhelm the critical mind and therefore make the recipient more pliable and suggestible.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and the definitions are mine rather than Harry’s definitions.

Creation. As in a comment made Trainer to Master or Master to Master about a student  “Are they in a creation?  Some mental state that the student seems to be stuck in like an angry dissatisfied customer.

Intro night. An event that new prospects are invited to and introduced to some of the Avatar mythology and tools with the hope of selling them a book and registering them for a course.

Getting in to Feel. The process of turning off the mind so that one perceives through feel.

Feel its. The exercises in section 2 of the Avatar Materials that a student has to master in order to progress on to section 3.

Your Drama. A repeated life pattern that you play out that does not appear to be beneficial. In Scientology this would be called a case and in LandMark Forum a racket.

Nothing on it. As In “I was chatting to the student and I asked them if they wanted to overcome their “make everyone wrong attitude” or “The student called me a manipulative pushy salesman, but I had nothing on it” For the Master to have nothing on it they need to be able to handle a situation without any personal judgement  or reaction. The “nothing on it” state assumes you have handled any of your own stuff regarding the issue and communicates to your fellow Avatar Masters that you are highly evolved around this particular issue.

That’s interesting. This is a phrase that get’s used in response to stuff that is not actually  interesting at all or may even piss you off but is used to communicate that you are unmoved by what is going on and it is usually a lie. For example the student says “You are just making me do this shit over and over again for your own sadistic enjoyment” The Master naturally feels slighted at being called a sadist but responds with “That’s interesting, what is it that you feel is creating that sort of reaction from you right now?” It’s a saying that is used as a deflection tool.

Identity. A description of a role we play in life that has recognisable characteristics and is usually a temporary state someone assumes for the purpose of achieving an outcome. An identity is simply a label that that would describe how the person is behaving at a particular time. Examples are, Bully, Sales Person, Protective Father, Tart, Spiritual, Know it all, Teacher, Obedient Servant, Guru, Show Off, etc. When identities are talked about amongst Trainers and Masters they usually equate to something that the student needs to handle to move forward. For example if a student is stuck in a stubborn identity and is refusing to do the exercises they need to handle that to be able to be willing to move on. In most cases the identity is seen as something that shows up in the persons day-to-day life that doesn’t necessarily serve them.  Masters use the identity terminology as a way of pointing out unhelpful characteristics of their team mates behind the scenes. They might say something like “Jan would you like to handle that critical identity so we can move on?” or “Wow Rich, what identity are you in???”

Behind the scenes. This effectively means hidden from the observation of the students working in the class room. If something has gone pear-shaped and you are upset which frequently happens to Masters on courses, they are advised to keep it behind the scenes. Administrative tasks, practising exercises and dealing with your own creations are all best kept behind the scenes.

Creations. 1)This defines the mental states, attitudes, behaviours of another that are considered to be created by that person. It can be used in a similar context to identities but could have more aspects to it. For example someone who is experiencing a wide range of emotions and attitudes related to an event like a relationship breakup could be described as “She’s in a creation” 2) Something deliberately created like having 3 students turn up to a course. A Master might say  to another Master “3 students on a course, Wow what an awesome creation!” 3) Anything created regardless of whether it is deliberate or not. This could be a  belief, an attitude, a life situation, a new car, a relationship breakup, a limitation, an illness, a rock etc.

Triggered. The state of being set off that causes you to assume some observable state. For example “I got triggered when he was telling me about being abused as a child” or “I got triggered when Simon was rude to my prospect” or “They got triggered big time when I asked them what was more important, being on course and contributing to the creation of an EPC or being home for their sons graduation?”

Prospects. Anyone a Master talks to is a prospect for the Avatar Course. Some prospects are better than others. Family members, friends, work colleagues, wealthy people, spiritual seekers, people who like to contribute to good causes or serve others make good prospects, people who are unemployed, emotionally unstable, unmotivated, or overly skeptical don’t.

Outflow. This term describes the process of making as much contact with as many people as you can to make a connection.

Connection. Someone whom you have made contact with that is at the level where you could ring them up and invite them to an intro evening.

Reviewer. Someone who is reviewing the course either for free or a fee and therefore not worthy of as much attention as a first timer.

Resistance. 1) An entirely negative term describing the state of a student who is getting stuck because of their resisting the instructions of a Master or their own defence mechanisms have kicked in to protect them from engaging in an activity that they feel is unhelpful or harmful in some way. 2) The feeling of pushing something away as opposed to the feeling of pulling something towards oneself which would be described as desire.

Gratitude. 1) A command from Avra that you should flow gratitude to Harry for the privilege of being involved in his work and for the amazing tools he created. 2) The process of contemplation where one feels some gratitude for where one is at right now in this moment.

EPC. 1) Harry’s acronym for Enlightened Planetary Civilisation which describes the Utopia that would be created if enough people on the planet paid to do his courses and then created a significant shift in Mass Consciousness to eliminate lot’s of bad shit.2) The Doctor’s acronym for Harry’s Extremely Profitable Corporation.

If you have heard other terms that you would like my definition on please feel free to post it in the comments section and I will add it to the Glossary over time.

Toodle Pip.  A farewell term used by the Dr that causes you to imagine him as a tweed jacket wearing pipe smoking slightly eccentric English Toff.

The Dr. A self-proclaimed title that could identify him as some sort of Dr Who character who explores the various alternate realities created by the self proclaimed gurus and self help movement charlatans. A Crusader for good, if you will.





Alignment, a tool for better team performance or a thinly disguised term for Thought Reform.

I have worked with groups of people and teams for most of my career. Some teams were a joy to be on with high energy and a “can do” attitude. Others were a painful energy sucking experiences as a group of non committed team members pursued their own interests above that of the team. Many people have experienced the forming, norming, storming and performing cycles that teams go through. In my experience it’s the storming phase that causes many teams to reach sub optimal levels of performance.  It should not really be a surprise that this is where things get stuck as different views and lack of agreement on how to move forward are the areas of conflict that break friendships, family units, teams businesses and governments. You only need to look at the nightly news to see how “Abuse of Power” is one of the main tools used for co-ercing people into alignment”.

The Stars Edge goal is to create as many Avatars Masters and Wizards as possible by promoting their own brand of world peace. Managing an international team of commission only sales people as no small task and inevitably there are questions in the minds of the employees or followers about the leadership.

Harry and Avra have experienced from their years in Scientology how to deal with dissenters and have developed a couple of ways to deal with them in their Post Scientology business endeavours.

The secret to their success is a concept that I call the Deflector Shield or the Boomerang concept. Simply put it means that any criticism, complaint, disagreement, non complimentary or opposing view gets neutralised with the Deflector Shield or Boomerang.

Here’s how it works. To be in alignment in Avatar it means that you follow the directions of the Qualified or more senior Masters without complaint or resistance. Asking clarifying questions is OK but any form of non compliance gets the Deflector. For example a master gets fed up with their QM being disorganised and wasting the group’s time when they meet up to work on generating new students for the next course. A Master who is highly proficient in organisation and administration raises the issue in front of the group with the QM.

“I feel like your lack of organisation wastes my time and the time of the group” says the Master.

“It seems like you are having quite a reaction to time-wasting” says the QM bringing out the deflector trap in the blink of an eye. “Is that correct?”

“Well I am feeling really frustrated that every time we arrange to meet as a group we spend at least half an hour after the start time waiting for you to get organised” says the Master feeling upset but also sensing that they are walking into a trap.

“is that feeling of frustration you have something that you feel serves you in life?” says the QM laying the bait for the trap.

“Err no……..” the master says hesitantly and inadvertently taking the bait.

SNAP goes the trap and the QM says ” Well I think you need to do some work on the times you have wasted other peoples time because your resistance to time-wasting must have been triggered by your own out of integrity stuff and you seem to just be projecting that onto to others.

They key in this example is the QM sensing that the master who has challenged them is feeling agitated or pissed off or any other kind of irritation. The Master cant deny that they are feeling that way and the feeling of resistance to something is programmed as an “it’s your problem” idea from the Avatar Course. So any time a Master gets upset or feels irritated about something it’s automatically treated as something the Master owns (or needs to own) and like the Boomerang anything flung in the direction of anyone higher up in the pyramid of responsibility comes back to the Master and if not caught carefully, is inevitably a bit painful.

The Deflector Shield and The Boomerang are tools used by the more senior masters all the time and it doesn’t take long for new masters to observe what’s going on and pick up on it as one of the norms of being an aligned master. Masters often use it on each other and it’s quite comical to watch as they battle to see who is going to catch the boomerang because the tool only really works when there is a thrower (the one with less power) and the deflector (the one with more power).

Personal responsibility is a characteristic of mature people but in Avatar the concept of personal responsibility is perverted into anything that happens is my fault because:

a) I didn’t listen to my intuition for example my intuition told me it was not safe to walk through the park in the dark so it was may fault I got raped.


b) It is because I experience the world as a reflection of me, for example I have a strong reaction to people who are cruel to animals because I have an unacknowledged animal abuser within me.


c) I had a car accident and got maimed because that’s something I chose to experience either consciously or unconsciously.

I do believe in the concept of personal responsibility but I don’t believe in the perversions of it listed above.

I heard an (unconfirmed) story that Harry once punched a pushy reporter in the face when being questioned. He then asked the reporter “What might someone believe in order to experience being punched in the face by Harry Palmer?” but I digress.

So back to the concept of alignment as term for Thought Reform.

From Wikipedia Thought reform can refer to:

I personally experienced Harry Palmers integrity course run by Avra as very much a 9 day course in making me a less questioning more compliant more committed Avatar Master. I should point out here that the course run solo on a topic of my choosing was in contrast a useful exercise.

In summary the Integrity Course run by Avra followed a formula that resulted in the participant landing an “ownership belief”  That went something along the lines of “I use my ……….. to ………..others, so I can feel ………..” An example could be “I use my stubbornness to frustrate and disempower others so I can feel powerful and in control”

The things that contributed it being a Thought Reform tool were:

1) The only topics that get explored on the course are suggested by Avra or approved by Avra if suggested by a Master. The topics were all based on making us more successful masters. Topics included things like,  Hiding out in service to self, Lack of commitment, Needing to be right etc. It doesn’t matter what the topic was as long as it was generic enough to apply to the work of a Master.

2) The masters were allocated into groups of 3 or 4 people who would then assist each other to “get it” during the day. The getting it bit was a prolonged and painful like a trip to the dentist where your peers decided that it really landed for you and that you felt it.

3) At the end of the day the group meets and participants share their wins by confessing their ownership beliefs and their gratitude to Harry for his amazing tools. The ownership belief may be similar to what LandMark Forum describes as running a racket. If you hadn’t had any major realisations or shifts during your day you would end up feeling like you had somehow missed it. At the end of the day if you didn’t really feel anything other than just being glad the day was over and that you really got nothing out of it then you would feel somehow wrong or incomplete. This feeling isolates you from the group and the discomfort of being on the outer has a strong effect on you wanting to try harder and “get it” the next day.

4) The day also finishes with joining the other group attending the Masters Course in an exercise called Scared Dance.  Sacred Dance is effectively a coordinated large group dance played to classical music and from experience has the effect of aligning everyone as you are all doing exactly the same thing at the same time and also performing some form of sacred ritual. I initially resisted the crap out of joining in with this at all of the Masters Courses I attended as I was extremely uncoordinated and I thought it was all a bit silly. When I did finally overcome my resistance to it I could appreciate the feeling of togetherness and feeling as though I belonged to a large special group.

At the end of a 9 day integrity course you will leave having confessed a whole lot of ugly stuff about yourself and your desire to question or doubt Harry, Avra, the Trainers and any Master higher up the chain than you will be almost non-existent.

In my opinion the Integrity Course run by Avra is nothing more than a thought reform technique used to make Masters more obedient, work harder and eliminate the questions that the critical thinking mind might raise might that if pursued could have people wake up to the Multi Level Enlightenment for Money Racket run by Harry and his devotees.

For easy and refreshing sleep The Doctor prescribes a healthy dose of self-examination, a willingness to be wrong at times and the willingness to make amends for past wrongs and a desire to do more good than harm.



10 Reasons Harry Palmer gets rich off every Avatar student and every Avatar Master.

Harry Palmer is a very smart businessman. Perhaps he learned many of his business practises as a Mission holder for Scientology in Elmira.

The basics of success in any business model require that you generate revenues greater than your expenses in order to make a profit and Harry has fine tuned his personally owned organisation Stars Edge to minimise costs, maximise revenues and to use free or voluntary labour to deliver services wherever possible. I have estimated the figures in the examples below and don’t claim complete accuracy but for the purposes of illustrating the point I think you will find they are in the ballpark.

Here are 10 reasons he gets rich.

Reason One: His costs are extremely low in proportion to his revenues.

Harry has very low overheads. He has an Administrative Office in Orlando and very few employees outside of the team of Trainers.  I would imagine that there are less than 10 people in his Back Office operation.

Reason Two: His product development costs are tiny and his manufacturing costs are largely limited to the cheap printing of Course Materials.

He is selling the same product developed back in the 80’s and there has been limited product development since then other than writing a few books and making some DVD’s of his talks.

His production costs for the Course Materials are very low as he invested once in creating his intellectual property (which some suggest include  borrowed materials and ideas from others)  The Avatar Masters actually pay to copy the Avatar Materials for the basic Avatar Course used by the students so he doesn’t even have any costs here.

Reason Three: He has a commission only Sales Force (Avatar Masters) and their overall commission on course fees for a student of theirs who attends all courses at a total cost of $15000 is roughly $2550.

His Sales Force are commission only for the Avatar Course where they get a maximum of 75% of the course fee (less their share of Hotel Hire and participation fees)

His Sales Force are commission only for the Masters course where they get 10% of the $3000 course fee for every student of theirs who attends.

His Sales Force work for free to get registrations for the Pro Course and the Wizards Course.

Reason Four: The Sales Force do most of the prospecting advertising and promotion work at their own cost.

His cost of promoting the course is limited as each of his licensed Sales People spend their own money to create advertisements, websites, flyers, intro evenings. The only costs Stars Edge appear to have is the variety of websites they provide to promote the courses. They only communicate directly with prospects that their commission only Sales People provide as leads.

Reason Five: The majority of his costs are variable costs not fixed costs.

To deliver a Masters Course, Pro Course, Wizards Course he hires a hotel and production crews. Some speculate that the Hotels provide the Conference Room facilities free of charge in exchange for a guaranteed number of rooms filled. This  limits the delivery costs to light and sound production crews. Standard Hotel audio-visual facilities are fine for the Masters Course. Pro course may require more than the standard hotel offering but the Wizards Course has a production crew similar to what other organisation would use to manage their annual conferences or AGM’s.

Reason Six: Harry doesn’t provide catering at any of his events other than the free Hotel Water.

If you paid $7500 to attend a 13 day course wouldn’t you expect to at least get free coffee and the occasional muffin at break times?  Well these costs all mount up and would reduce Harry’s margins so you are on your own here!

Reason Seven: Harry understands the concept of Brand Extensions.

Most Avatar Students will buy a book or a DVD or some other Stars Edge branded merchandise  at the courses. His Masters effectively become volunteers for selling these materials. If they buy products off Stars Edge to sell at their Avatar Courses the margins on these products are minimal.

Reason Eight: Virtually No Faulty Product or Warranty claims.

The student gets a money back guarantee for Sections one and Two of Avatar but beyond that there are no refunds given.  The only product recognised to have any defects would be the student and definitely not the Avatar Materials. As it is the Masters who provide all the effort to deliver the course they refund 100% of the fees to the student and Stars Edge will refund the 25% Royalty to the Master

Reason Nine: The free course reviews are either no cost or only marginal cost to Stars Edge.

Reviewing Students and Masters  can only get their free review  when there is room on a course with full fee paying students and it is the efforts of the Masters (in the case of the Avatar Course) that provide the attention and input to the students. More experienced Masters get used by the trainers to help reviewers in nearly all the other courses including the Wizards Course to keep the Trainers free for paying first timers.

Reason Ten: The Wizards Course delivered annually in Orlando with 1000 new students would generate $7.5 million in fees 

Selling enlightenment is very lucrative for Stars Edge, not so for the Masters I know for a fact and I suspect that the Stars Edge Trainers aren’t getting rich either.




Why the “I will do whatever it takes” Primaries are dangerous and irresponsible.

In Avatar a primary origination that you make about a mental state can be hugely beneficial. If you are sad and you would prefer feeling happy, anxious and would prefer feeling confident, irritable and would prefer feeling calm then creating a Primary (notice how “primary” is special Avatar language or as some call it Avatar Speak) is quite a good tool to use if you are good at doing it on your own. Some have described the process as a form of self-hypnosis. It doesn’t really matter to me what it actually is, what matters more is that I have seen this process used effectively  in the short-term to create different mental states. In Avatar lingo you are changing the reality of your own universe. When you have successfully created your primary you experience it as truth without doubt . It IS the reality you experience.  I once created the primary “I am a chick magnet” just for fun and I actually experienced that I was attractive to women and I seemed to get lots of positive attention from them, but that’s another story.

Modification of ones own reality (or perception of reality) doesn’t require it to be true for anyone else therefore you can create any mental state you like.

Towards the end of an Avatar Delivery, or a Masters Course, or a Wizards course, the Masters are encouraged to create a Primary around the next course they intend to be at. It could be that they want to review the Wizards course and they are low on cash or perhaps they want to be on the next Cooperative Avatar Delivery in their region but they have no prospects to enrol. At this point one of the Trainers or more senior Masters would try to get the other Masters inspired about attending the next course. Then would come the inevitable indoctrination talk and at its conclusion the Masters would be encouraged to pair up and create a Primary that describes the reality they want to experience .e.g “I attend the next Wizards Course in Orlando 2015”

On its own that’s not so bad. But some bright spark (probably Harry) came up with the idea of creating a Primary that starts with “I do whatever it takes to…” Creating a primary that manifests as a physical reality in the Universe of others (more Avatar Lingo) means  you actually have to have the reality occur for the Primary to be created i.e your primary to be at the next Wizards Course in Orlando doesn’t create until you actually turn up, pay your fees and have your bum in a seat in the auditorium on the day the course starts.

Unfortunately this piece of advice is responsible for propagating some serious harm. A husband returns home from the course with an overdraft in his bank account and tells his wife  “I am going to attend the next Wizards Course in Orlando”. His wife telling him he is off his rocker and that they are already in serious financial difficulty is just a secondary (those pesky things that make the primary not manifest). The husband heads off to a quiet space to work on his “I do whatever it takes to be at the next Wizards Course in Orlando” primary. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist or Quantum Physicist to see how this will likely play out. In order to create the reality all obstacles to achieving it must be removed. The dangerous part is that the Master continually repeats the primary “I do whatever it takes…”

The self hypnotic effect induced by creating the primary over and over again has people do things that they would never normally do. If dumping my partner because they are telling me not to spend the money to get to Wizards is whatever it takes then some people do that. If getting an extension on the mortgage is whatever it takes to get there then some people do that. All along the journey the Master will be supported by someone in the network higher up than them to create the reality.

They don’t care if you quit your job to attend Wizards because your boss wont grant you leave, they don’t care that you dump your partner of 20 years because they don’t want you to go, they don’t care if you miss your wedding anniversary or your daughter’s wedding or your next child’s birth to be there. All they care about is supporting you to do whatever it takes to get to the next Wizards Course because that is your primary.

I have been on the receiving end of this kind of support. It’s bloody dangerous and its cult like behaviour. The caveat here would be that the Masters probably wouldn’t support you to break the law or do anything that is misaligned with your higher self.

I have seen people become financially ruined and I have seen people end relationships to end up on an Avatar Course and I have seen Trainers and  Masters smile and be inspired by the poor decision-making that allows an individual to achieve their primary, whatever it takes.

The harm caused in these situations disgusts me in the same way it disgusts me that cults entrap people and take all their belongings and sense of self.

My advice is whatever you do DON’T create a primary that starts with “Whatever it takes“. If you do you will be taking part in your own brainwashing and the consequences may affect the rest of your life in ways you had never planned or hoped for.

The Dr prescribes a big dose of Wake the hell up to Avatar Masters contemplating a whatever it takes primary.






Why people who don’t normally accept crap from others will pay to be insulted in front of 200 strangers.

Just for a change a post that is not about The Avatar Course.

You’re an MBA. You are smarter than the average bear. You are in the top 10% of earners in your country yet you can be dumb as a fence post. Why? because your IQ isn’t a guarantee of success. The sexy term for what you might be missing is EQ. People with high EQ are more popular and make better bosses than brainiacs. I have met quite a few of you in my time and I have a sarcastic label for you. You are the brilliant idiots.

In today’s world people tolerate brilliant idiots less than they used to 20 years ago. People today no longer view their jobs as a job for life-like the Post WW2 generation did.  They have much more choice than their forebears did, they don’t have to accept your crap,  they often vote with their feet, leaving you to work with someone who is more supportive, more encouraging, more collaborative and maybe, just maybe, more socially evolved than you.

The realisation hits you that maybe for all your smarts you are actually deficient in some areas that they didn’t teach you about at Business School. Perhaps you have had some 360 degree feedback and your blind spots have been exposed. Your boss if he or she is clever enough suggests that you may need to do some personal development work.

Personal Development courses come in many forms and there are hundreds of different flavours.  Some brilliant idiots I know chose to end up on courses run by LandMark Education.

I havent done a LandMark Course so my views on it are based on here-say. What I find extremely interesting about them is their method of Personal Development and Transformation.  If you asked me to pay good money to turn up on a course with long hours in an extremely controlled environment with very short breaks where there is a good chance I will be asked to share some deeply personal issues in front of a large group  at the microphone and that I will be shouted at and ridiculed by the course leader to aid me to “get it” my response would most likely be to tell you to PISS OFF! That’s saying something seeing I have paid thousands to participate in Avatar.

However I have done a course suggested to me by my work colleagues where the goal was personal development and some skills around managing groups. Similar to courses like the Landmark Forum there was the opportunity for the Course Leader to pressure me to do things I wouldn’t  accept normally. The opportunity was created in part because of the group.

At one point in the course the course leader started homing in on some flaw or weakness that they noticed in me and started to pursue it in a way which I found extremely uncomfortable. When I became annoyed at what trainer was doing and voiced my disapproval with their methods. The trainer cleverly asked me directly in front of the group “Are you willing to explore what is going on for you right now?”  This question is a brilliant diversion of attention from what they were doing (abusing their position of power as the course leader and expert) to my reaction to what they were doing. If I answered “no” then I was signalling to the group that I wasn’t prepared to “self examine” and potentially grow or have a breakthrough and I would risk then being excluded from the group even if I chose to stay. If I answered “yes” then I was placing the power back with the trainer to then cross any personal boundaries in order for them to assist me in having a breakthrough or “getting it”.

The interesting thing is what happens when one is faced with this sort of challenge in a group. For me there was a sense of extreme discomfort as I sat on the edge of some strong emotional response and I didn’t want to be reduced to tears in front of others. What surprised me was the strength of my feelings regarding the consequences of not giving in to the course leader and making the sensitive area off-limits to him or the group.  I felt the strong need to belong and be connected with the group which I think this is a fairly fundamental need for most humans. The other strong influence was the desire for me to improve and if I refused to “go there” then the clear message to the group set up by the leader was that I wasn’t really committed to growth and transformation.

Groups can be manipulated with all sorts of techniques and tricks to make them conform and fall into line. It happens with groups of friends, it happens in families, it happens in social groups and it happens in work places. It’s not just the need to belong and connect with others that makes us vulnerable to  someone who can cause us to be excluded or separated from a group but I suspect it is a big part of it.

If I had the choice to be insulted and ridiculed into a breakthrough like appears to happen with LandMark or  supported to achieve a breakthrough by someone with compassion and empathy I know which I’d choose.  Perhaps this new obsession people have with poorly trained “Life Coaches” at least provides some safety and boundaries which you don’t get in a group setting.

Lets be careful out there for goodness sake!

The Dr.

P.S. If I was a chef and not a Doctor I would never accept the treatment Gordon Ramsey dishes out to people on his TV program wanting to learn and better themselves. I think he is a great example of abuse of power. “Yes Chef”, my arse!


What you need to know if you want to deliver the Avatar Course as your primary source of income.

Harry Palmer has set up a for profit corporation called Stars Edge as the mechanism for the dissemination and delivery of his own brand of Enlightenment called Avatar. The information I provide here was current when I was a practising Master and is now several years old however I doubt much as changed.

Avatar has multiple levels of courses much like Scientology which Harry was involved in prior to the creation of his Avatar Course.

The Courses Available are:

Resurfacing (Section One of the Avatar Materials)

Avatar Section Two (the first section of the confidential materials and all courses from here onwards are confidential)

Avatar Section Three

After completing Sections One, Two and Three you attain the status of Avatar and it is usually delivered as a cooperative delivery over a 9 day period.

After achieving the status of Avatar you are then invited to attend the Masters Course

The Masters Course is counted as section four of the Avatar Materials

Beyond Masters there is The Professional Course, The Wizards Course, Masters Empowerment Workshops One and Two, and Integrity Courses.

All the courses beyond the Avatar Course are only delivered by Star’s Edge Trainers. This means that unless you achieve the status of Stars Edge Trainer you will only ever be licensed to deliver the Avatar Course.

It is the intention of Stars Edge that the majority of participants of the Avatar Course go on to attend all the advanced courses and that every person who completes the Masters course interns on a cooperative delivery with a student of their own. It’s a bit of a numbers game. I would say the numbers of Students who go on to complete all the advanced courses is quite high maybe even as high as 50%. The number of students who complete Masters and intern on a course with a student is probably lower than the number of students who actually complete the Wizards Course but that is just a guess.

There are several different categories of license granted to Masters at the sole discretion of Stars Edge. Think of this as a form of quality control. They obviously want Masters to be reasonably proficient at taking student through the Avatar course to successful completion.

So if you attend an Avatar course, have a great experience, and then complete the Masters Course you will be encouraged to intern on an Avatar Delivery run by a Stars Edge Trainer and some experienced Masters as helpers. Some people who complete Avatar attend the very next scheduled Masters Course and then commit to bringing a student to the next scheduled Cooperative Avatar Course in their region. This timeline could be as short as a couple of months depending on the course scheduling.

Some people do Avatar, get all excited and decide that there would be nothing more worthwhile than delivering Avatar and quit their jobs, exit relationships and leap in boots and all. This is not a very smart way to go about it but it happens. Others take a more planned approach and many of the active Masters have jobs or other sources of income that allow them the flexibility to deliver as many courses as they can find students for without relying on delivering Avatar as their sole source of income.

I saw many get excited and commit to delivering Avatar full-time without knowing what the implications of that decision were financially.

At the Masters Course the financial compensation for delivering Avatar is revealed and it is a fairly simple multi level scheme that works on the principles of Delivering the course for a recommended price and paying Stars Edge Royalties in the form of a percentage of the students course fee. As you hit certain targets the percentage you pay Stars Edge reduces.

What potential full-time Masters usually are not aware of are the costs associated with delivering a course.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios for income and expenses and we’ll do the calculations in $US

Scenario One. You commit to bringing one student to a course and its all looking good but the student pulls out at the last-minute. The Trainer running the course encourages you to come and assist anyway as it will be a good learning experience for you. You will need to contribute to the cost of hiring the Hotel Conference Room where the course is delivered  and you will also pay a fee to intern the approximate cost of which will be around $600. You will be encouraged to stay in the Hotel that the course is delivered in Costing you probably around $1000 for the 9 Days and then on top of that you will have to feed yourself.  You gain personally for the experience but the total cost of your participation is around $2000 presuming you didn’t have any travel costs.

Scenario Two. You commit to bringing one student to the course and they turn up and decide to only do the first 2 days to see if Avatar really is for them. Costs of $2000 same as above but you get $295 from the student for their Resurfacing Course and pass on your 25% Royalty to Stars Edge.  Revenues total $295 and Costs total $2073.75 giving you a loss of $1778.75

Scenario Three. You commit to bringing two students to the course, they turn up and complete the full course. Basic costs of $2000 doesn’t change as you only pay one participation fee and one intern fee. Revenues are $2295 per student and you pass on your 25% Royalty to Stars Edge.  Total Revenues $4590 less Royalties of $1147.50 less costs of $2000 = a profit of $1442.50. Thats $144.25 per day for 9 days work. The average day will involve at least 12 hours of participation from the Master so your hourly rate equates to $12.02 per hour. Not very lucrative in my opinion.

Scenario Four. You commit to bringing 5 students to  the course, they all come and complete the full course (A Master having 5 paying students on the course is possible but by no means the norm). Basic costs of $2000 doesn’t change. The Revenues total $11475, Royalties total $2868.75 . A total profit of $6606.25. These numbers look much better don’t they?

When I was an active Master there were about 8 Cooperative deliveries I could participate in each year in my region. Participating an all 8 deliveries would require some air travel so the costs would be greater than the $2000 per course.

Getting a paying student on a course requires a considerable effort so you work for much longer than the 9 days that course delivery takes. There are endless hours of prospecting and delivering intro’s to get a regular supply of students to courses.

If you take Scenario Four as your benchmark for the number of students you could get to a course you would have an annual income after costs of  $52842.

The best performing Masters when I was involved would average 2 to 3 students per course so their net Avatar income was most likely between $10K to $20K per year so you can see why so many of them need other sources of income.

To be fair there are other ways to earn income from delivering Avatar as you get a 10% Royalty of $300 for each one of your students who completes the Masters course. The Royalties you pay per student reduce after you have reached certain targets so there is potential to reduce your costs.

Another level of costs when I was an active Master was attending an Integrity Course, reviewing the Pro Course and the Wizards Course and interning on at least one delivery in Orlando which were all expected if you wanted to achieve the status of Qualified Master (QM’s are pretty much full timers with no time for other jobs).

So there you have it. Masters don’t get rich from delivering Avatar. Stars Edge on the other hand have an entirely different Revenue and Cost Model and I believe that Harry does very comfortably from owning and running his for profit Enlightenment Business.

I hope this information is helpful for any potential Avatar Master to make an informed decision before making the Primary “I am a successful full-time Avatar Master”

Toodle Pip







Out of Body Experiences for some on the Avatar Courses

This is a tricky subject because its one of those things that’s hard to define or prove scientifically but there is a Wikipedia article on it here 

What I would like to discuss here is the observable phenomenon that Avatar Masters and Trainers would call a student becoming “ungrounded” and the process they use to get students back in their body. It may sound a bit too Voodoo for some but humor me for a bit as I’ll explain it in terms of what actually happened for me.

On the Avatar course you can choose to explore different areas of your consciousness. Some of this exploration can have you either deliberately exploring or accidentally bumping into things that have occurred in your past that create a strong emotional reaction. People who have been subjected to Trauma or violent attack seem to be the most susceptible to these experiences.

What appears to occur is that when the student hits this area of prior upset or trauma the student can experience the loss of control or sensation of their own bodies and they can appear to be spaced out. When it occurred for me I started to lose the sensation of being connected to my body. I didn’t feel as though I had left it and floated off to some other part of the room, it was more like I was under a local anaesthetic, fully conscious and fully present but not really connected to my physical form. I couldn’t feel my hands apart from a sort of numb feeling and I lost the sensation of the muscles in my face and couldn’t talk. I could move when instructed by the Avatar Master but had extremely limited sensation in some parts of my body. I could move my arms for example but my hands and fingers had no feeling in them at all. With this occurring for me and the Master observing that I seemed to be spacing out they quickly checked in with a Trainer for what to do.

Avatar has a specific grounding process that they use when this phenomena occurs in students. I cant recall the specific details but they run you through a series of exercises (a debug) designed to return the student to the body (or probably more accurately to return the normal sensations of being in and having a body)

The process goes something like this:

The student is given certain objects to hold and squeeze (the objects selected are usually large with lots of texture) and is asked to state what the different objects feel like. This process is repeated with different objects until the sensation of being in your body fully returns. The process can take up to half an hour. I think there may be a cautionary note somewhere in the Avatar Master materials that it is undesirable to leave a student in this ungrounded state for more than half an hour. I suspect that left longer than this a severe psychotic episode may occur possibly lasting for days or in extreme cases even weeks.

In my time as a Master I experienced courses where this didn’t occur at all and some courses where it occurred with multiple students throughout the 9 days. It wasn’t just students that experienced it as sometimes a Master helping with the delivery of the course could experience it too.

As Masters and Trainers we talked about it behind the scenes as though it was no big deal and the explanation of the Trainers was that what was occurring was that the student was approaching a memory with so much emotional charge and trauma attached to it that the defence mechanism of the mind was to disassociate with the body to avoid experiencing the unpleasantness of the feelings, emotions, thoughts associated with the situation. The attitude varied between “the student just didn’t want to go there and became ungrounded in order to avoid the experiencing it” and that they had hit a part of their consciousness that really needed some work on it to release the student from this past trauma. In Avatar there is always the attitude that the tools will handle anything that crops up and that you need to fully experience things to let them go. That’s what the Creation Handling Procedure is for, however students can become ungrounded before they have learned the CHP.

Another seemingly plausible explanation that I was given was that when someone is exposed to a violent attack that their mind pulls the escape cord and the person (metaphorically) leaves their body to avoid feeling the physical sensations of pain and the strong emotions like terror. This sort of makes sense to me as I know some people faint in frightening situations and I also know from painful personal experience of physical injuries that I have a finite capacity for pain and that I go unconscious when a certain pain level is reached.

So what I know from observation and first hand experience is this,

a) some people do experience this phenomena of losing physical sensation of their bodies while on the Avatar Course.

b) The Avatar terminology for this phenomena is “becoming ungrounded”.

c) It can occur at anytime during the 9 days.

d) That when this occurs the Trainers always keep an eye on the person who it’s happening to and also are responsible for instructing the Master how to deal with it by assigning them the various exercises or processes to return the student to a normal state.

e) There is no medical or scientific explanation that is given or discussed behind the scenes with the Masters and Trainers. Like most things in Avatar you don’t get to ask lots of questions about it, you are just expected to have faith that the tools can handle any situation. There is a caveat here in that the Trainers will have no hesitation in sending someone off to Hospital if the tools aren’t returning a student to a normal mental state. Messy scenes in the Hotels where the courses are delivered are not good for the  reputation of Avatar or for the other students on the course.

On the Avatar Course application form there is a question that the student must answer which is from memory  “Have you ever been subject to violent trauma or attack?” It appears that this is a fairly useful indicator that the student my be at risk requiring some monitoring more closely than the average student or in some cases not being accepted for the course if further investigation reveals that the student has significant mental issues.

So there you have it, students becoming ungrounded or having out-of-body experiences on the Avatar course does occur. Most get handled in the course environment without the need for emergency medical intervention although it is possible that some people who require hospitalization post course may have also experienced being ungrounded during the course.

We have no way of knowing if it causes lasting damage to a persons mental state as the data just doesn’t exist and I am sure Harry would not willingly permit any form of study on it from a University or a Health Organisation.

Knowing that it does occur for some allows the prospective student to weigh up the risks of participating in the course and for some the possible dangers could add to the level of excitement.  Avatar is a bit like Extreme Sports for the Mind.

Lets be careful out there!


Is Harry Palmer a new kind of cult leader?

Often my posts are inspired by some of the comments visitors to the blog have made. This is one of those posts.

Cult Accusations get a lot of emotive reaction from people who lead them, people who are in them, and family members who have lost loved ones to them.

Some have said that Harry Palmers Avatar and his Corporation for delivery of the courses is a dangerous cult. Elliot Benjamin who has done Avatar has written in detail about his assessment of Avatar and it’s cult like characteristics. See his classification of Avatar on the Bonewits Cult Danger Ratings

In my view Harry has created a category that could be described as Neo Cult. What I mean by this is that I think he has cleverly set himself apart from the cult leaders who try to control every aspect of the cult members lives. Harry doesn’t need this control for his ego to be satisfied. What he has realised is that the problem with being a real cult leader is that you end up with all the cash and resources of your cult followers but then you have to look after them. Wow that sounds like hard work and could only be satisfying to a true ego maniac (think David Koresh).

What Harry has done that sets him apart from other Cult Leaders is that he has avoided the need to support and care for his followers by introducing a doctrine of personal responsibility. This way his team of trainers and all the people in the downline of his multi level marketing network have to produce new students to get paid and therefore eat. The trainers and QM’s focus their attention on the Masters who are capable of bringing in new prospects to the courses (the revenue stream) What sets him apart from other cult leaders who use whatever means possible to keep people within the cult is that he and the Trainers don’t actually care if you want to leave. He gets roughly $4oK from a student who does all his courses and over a $100k from people who are course junkies or “on the path”  he has clearly seen that there is way too much drama trying to control people, so if you fall by the wayside who really cares?  You cease to be a revenue stream but you don’t cost him a cent when you walk away as he always collects your cash up front. There are plenty more fish in the sea.

When I left the network after 8 years of service I didn’t get a single phone call from my Master or my QM or the Trainer that I diligently worked for. Not one. I was no longer an aligned Master and no longer producing students and therefore not a profitable investment of time for them.  I was shocked and more than a little hurt by this lack of care but I actually get it and I don’t feel bitter about it. I was no longer a revenue producing asset and therefore my disappearance didn’t cost them anything. They just shifted their attention and care to those who wished to contribute to the cause.

When I was in the corporate world there was the concept of redundancy for people the corporation no longer needed. Ethical corporations realise that this is a stressful and scary time for many and there are outplacement programs and financial contributions to help people who need to find other employment. I don’t for a minute believe that Stars Edge should have the responsibility of paying redundancy money to its “commission only sales force” but they could learn a thing or to about how to care for people that have sacrificed a lot for them and need to move on. It was their lack of care and compassion that hurt me and struck me as so incongruent. For examples of people who have little or no compassion you cant really find better examples than Harry’s Stars Edge Trainers.

By treating Avatar as a profitable business Harry has made just as much money as True Cult Leaders and those despicable “Prosperity Doctrine” TV Evangelists. By letting people leave freely of their own will he has avoided the scrutiny of the authorities and avoided the classification of Dangerous Cult by the Cult Watchers. His personal corporation continues to prosper regardless of the money troubles many of his followers experience.

Well done Harry, you are one smart businessman. In one sense I don’t begrudge you a cent of your fortune as you have played by the rules that exist around making money in the current “Mass Consciousness” (your term not mine).

However Harry Old Chap, I do hold you responsible for the harm your tools and processes have done to people’s consciousnesses, for the broken relationships of people “on the path” and the financial ruin experienced by many of your followers.

Harry, may you experience this lifetime what is just, based on your contribution to humanity and in the life beyond this one I suspect that what you will need is mercy and grace.

Toodle Pip


What happens in the week after your Avatar Course….

The title of the post could have two meanings It could be a question or it could be a statement. I’d like it to prompt both responses from visitors.

I’ll start with it as a statement of my experience. After 9 days of full on mental processing and techniques I was in a vastly different state than when I started. The exercises had produced profound changes in my consciousness and my view of the world was completely different. I had explored my beliefs at a very deep level. Some beliefs made me laugh when I discovered them, some made me squirm with embarrassment . I had addressed some major life issues and had some great realisations about the life I had been experiencing and the effect that many of my beliefs were having on my experience of life.

Some of my experiences during the course were puzzling and there was a sense of confusion about some of these. In hindsight I would say that I was probably close to having a full on psychotic break. I had a number of hallucinations on the course that should have warned me that I was going into dangerous and unstable territory. I was so immersed in the Avatar Teachings that I experienced these hallucinations as “interesting experiences” and put it down to the power of the tools and processes. Most of the hallucinations were temporary and occurred during the source list exercises. Others have suggested that the Source List exercises are a form of self hypnosis so perhaps the odd hallucination or delusional thoughts can be expected.

On the last couple of days of the course the Trainers suggested that immediately following the course students (or new Avatars as they call them) take some time to integrate and not to make and major life decisions for a couple of weeks. This is a useful warning and also one that seems a bit strange. After all most people attend the course wanting to make changes or equip themselves more to handle life. If the course was truly effective at that, then one shouldn’t require a stand down period of a couple of weeks before making decisions. The warning of the trainers to take time to integrate surely means that they recognise that decision making is impaired rather than enhanced immediately following the course. However in contrast to this you will have been encouraged to make a fairly substantial decision on the last few days of the course which is to commit to to attending the Masters Course which cost USD$3000 and also means that if you live outside of the USA a commitment for air-travel and accommodation. It’s a bit weird don’t you think that you are judged as fit to make this kind of decision on course but are advised not to make big decisions straight after the course?

The final exercise of the course has most students  feeling totally blissed out and having the feeling of everything is OK after having completely discreated their sense of their own universe. For me it was like a drug induced high.

I followed the Trainers advice and I took a week off work to give myself time to integrate, whatever that meant (I didn’t understand it at the time).

The first few days were like a downer after being so high during the last 9 days. I was viewing the world and everything in it with a new perspective. I contemplated quitting my profession as it seemed so insignificant compared to the environment and feeling of being on course. Fortunately I didn’t do that.

The next thing I contemplated was my current relationship which was fairly new. It too seemed insignificant and of little worth compared to what I had experienced on my Avatar course. Sadly I ignored the advice of the trainers not to make major life decisions and I broke off the relationship and caused emotional stress and harm to my partner. Anyone who has been through a breakup knows the intensity of emotions you can experience and these were hard to handle and I found myself almost fanatically “processing” using the Avatar Tools to try and deal with the distress.

My efforts to handle this stuff in the harsh light of day in the real world were way less successful than on course. I felt very dependant on My Master for help but their willingness to help and guide me through the mess that I was creating was in stark contrast to the support they gave when it was about getting me to attend the course. I guess that being a more enlightened being and taking personal responsibility for what I was creating should have been my focus, after all I was “Source” . The reality is that I was making poor decisions and was on a roller coaster of emotions and it was no fun ride.

I gradually worked my way through the next few weeks and returning to work was helpful in getting me back to “normal”

The most useful realisation I had during the week after the course was around happiness. I had been blaming others for my happiness or lack of it and I actually owned the idea that I can choose to be happy. It’s not Rocket Science that I have some ability to decide to be happy but it was probably the first time that I had deliberately changed my state from not being happy to being happy through use of a tool or process. For me that was magical stuff!

When I wasn’t feeling happy I now had new options (some Avatar processes to use), I could just feel what I was experiencing without judgement and let it go, I could create the primary “I am Happy to be me” and deal with any of the secondaries that came up.

During that first week after Avatar I had so many different emotions, feelings, thoughts going on that I seriously considered taking 6 months off to just “process” all the shit in my life out of existence.

As I look back I can see that I was actually emotionally unstable after the course and not really capable of making quality decisions.

For others that were on course with me the “after course” experiences varied. Most left like I did feeling euphoric and positive about the future and feeling more able to handle whatever life threw at them.

Some seemed to have not been as deeply affected as me and quickly re entered their normal worlds feeling pleased that they had some great experiences and were then ready to get on with life.

Others experienced some emotional instability with some depression. A small few had already signed up for the Masters Course and were ready to commit their life to delivering Avatar with some of them leaving partners and jobs to pursue the idea of creating an EPC full-time.

For most the weeks after an Avatar Course or a Masters Course or a Wizards Course will have them pursuing primaries that they created in the course room and then dealing with the consequences of those primary intentions in the weeks that follow. Many report undesirable emotional states and some even feel suicidal. This is of deep concern to me! A recent visitor to this blog reports being hospitalised after his Wizards course and still doesn’t really know why. The truth is that we don’t really understand why some people end up in a bad state after their course experience whereas others seem unharmed and stronger but Psychologists and Medical Doctors would tell you the 9 days of mental processing with prolonged hours each day and sleep deprivation that will inevitably occur for some can easily contribute to some emotional instability at the low-end of the scale and full-blown psychotic breaks at the other end. With this knowledge it would pay to wary for signs of this occurring and intervene quickly.

As a Business Professional I had attended many courses before Avatar and I can say that most of them made little impact on my being. Sure I’d return to work trying out some of the stuff I’d learned in the course but the actions and results were usually short-lived.

Avatar was different, it affected me at a very deep and profound level and had changed who I was. I am only satisfied with some of those changes.

If you have attended Avatar Courses I’d encourage you to share your post course experiences good or bad by posting a comment  so that it may help others learn what to expect if they decide to participate in an Avatar Course.

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The Dr.

Observations and experiences of people who have come in to contact with Avatar devotees.

The title of this post  was suggested by a visitor to the blog. Feel free to post comments based on your experiences and observations.

Avatar Course refunds

The Avatar Course is delivered as 3 sections. and the student pays for each section individually although most students sign up for the full course and pay one lump some amount.

Section One costs $US 295

Section Two costs $US 500

Section Three costs $US 1500

There is a money back guarantee however once the student starts section three which usually occurs during the last 2 days of the 9 day course they agree that there will be no refund.  At the end of section three when they have completed the course they sign a document that says they are totally happy with the outcome which protects Stars Edge from future claims.

As a Master if you have only one student on a course your net return after Royalties and expenses for 9 days of 15 hours per day work will most likely be less than $1000.

If a student fails to complete the course they will get to review it (redo it) without paying any additional fees although the Master will still have expenses incurred for their review. As a rule of thumb my expenses were always around $1000 for a course that was delivered locally where I could stay at home and travel to the venue each day. If the course was out-of-town or at an international location my expenses would then increase by the cost of the airfares and food and accommodation for 10 days (the extra day for the Masters is the course set up day before the course starts.

In my days delivering Avatar I had 3 students who did not complete the course for a variety of reasons and I refunded their course fees. Because I did not frequently have multiple students per course my expenses had to be covered out of the student fees less Royalties paid to Stars Edge, less course participation costs, less travel and accommodation where needed.

As  a Master this was not good financially for me as for each of the students I refunded I still have over a $1000 worth of costs and 9 days of work. You  may feel that it is a bit callous to look at it this way and that for the Master it is all about the money.  My intention was always to support each student to have the best possible experience  but in the financial paradigm that I live in I still needed to pay my bills and feed my family. Unfortunately the enlightenment promised by Avatar comes at a cost for both the Master and the Student.

So for my 3 students who didn’t complete and asked for refunds it cost me a total of around $5000 in expenses incurred and it cost Stars Edge nothing. I am sure that their view would be that I failed because I was not totally committed to my students success. You decide.

For me the whole Avatar experience gave me some personal gains at a time in my life where I really needed it, but overall the personal cost in dollar terms has been over $100,000  if I count all the expenses I incurred attending courses over the 8 years or so that I was an active Master.

The life lessons that I experienced as a result of being involved with Avatar I will carry with me for the rest of my life and like people who lose money in foolish investments there is a part of me that stings with embarrassment and failure at decisions I made that caused these outcomes.

If you are going to do the Avatar course or achieve the status of Master and deliver it to family and friends please be aware that there will be a cost and you need to ask yourself is it worth it. Every decent humanitarian endeavor is funded by the efforts of those committed to the cause. Unlike many other efforts at improving the lives of others Avatar offers the successful Master a way to get paid for their efforts but the spin-off is that many resent the idea that spiritual enlightenment can be attained for money.

Harry’s financial model for the delivery and dissemination of Avatar ensures the ongoing success for his personally owned corporation but I would hazard a guess and say that less than 5% of Avatar Masters have achieved a level of financial return that enables them to rewarded adequately for their efforts.

Personal responsibility means that we take accountability for our success and also for our failures. My wish is that you have more success than failure in every area of your life and that you live the kind of life that leaves the world a better place for you being in it.

Follow your dreams and may you be happy and well.

How to handle the pressure to do The Masters Course

The Purpose of this post is not to put you off attending the Avatar Masters Course. It’s purpose is more to look at the unpleasant and observable phenomena of feeling pressured to sign up for something and in this case what you may be able to do to handle, reduce or even alleviate the pressure to sign up for the Masters Course during your attendance of the 9 day Avatar Course.

When I use the term  pressure I mean the situation when someone is exerting their will for you to do something that they believe will be good for you (and possibly financially rewarding for them) and your response to it (physically, emotionally,  mentally etc). Many of us are familiar with this in a Sales setting like the  Door to Door Salesperson who knocks on our door trying to convince us to buy their product or that all too common call around dinnertime from a Telemarketer with a spiel.

On the Avatar Course you wont get the Sales Spiel as such but there will be lot’s of encouragement for you to do the Masters Course.  Make no mistake, there is a goal for every successful Avatar Graduate to go on to attend the Masters course and there is also a goal that everyone who gets a licence at the Masters course to then intern on an Avatar Delivery with a student of their own.

There will be a number of times during the course where you will be presented with information specifically about the Masters Course.  One of these will be a talk from Harry on CD about Life Purpose and the pursuit of happiness. The reason for this is they want you to be inspired to move on from just working on yourself to joining in with the activity of doing it for others. It is a deliberate attempt to get you signed up for the next course. As a side note here the Masters never think of it in terms of selling. Sales terminology is not used like “I just sold another Masters Course, instead you will hear terms like “Hey I just got Johnny registered for Masters”

Behind the scenes there will be a distinct plan for which Master will have the job of connecting with which student. A successful Masters registration is when the Student has made the primary to be at the next Masters Course and also has a plan of action to handle  all the real world secondaries which would prevent them from being there  (like “I don’t have the $3000  for the course or the money for the airfare and the accommodation”)  Because of the plan being so deliberate and that there a multiple times throughout the Avatar Course that the Masters Course message gets pushed the students become very aware of the activity. It becomes obvious in the classroom when a Master is inspiring (talking to) a student about the Masters Course and is doing it just after coming out of a backroom somewhere having created the primary “I have no back off when its comes to encouraging students to Masters” It’s an unusual thing to observe in action. The Masters don’t all feel comfortable about doing it so they often have a lot of secondaries like (I don’t like being pushy, I don’t want to put people under pressure, I am not a salesperson etc.)

So whats this thing about pressure? It’s a felt thing and  70% of the respondents to my survey experienced it on their Avatar Course.

When you have a team of people with varying degrees of skill and commitment exerting their will for you to sign up for The Masters Course and you are in a classroom with them from 9am to 7pm for 9 continuous days you will encounter the pressure of their intention for you to do something that makes their Primaries manifest. Your resistance to signing up also creates back pressure and tension and I have had students confess to signing up for the Masters Course just to get the persistent Master off their back so they could finish their Avatar course in relative peace.

For those more resolute customers who dig their toes in and refuse to sign up for the Masters Course they will probably feel pressured right to the very end of the course.

Here’s my advice on how to handle some of the pressure.

1. Recognize that most of these guys are just doing their jobs and don’t take it personally when they get frustrated or upset with you if you don’t want to sign up for the course. There is a goal to get you on to the next course but in my experience it is way less money motivated than outsiders would think. The Masters genuinely believe that getting you committed to do the Masters Course is in your best interests. There is no overt sales training that goes on with these Masters and they don’t act like a sales team in that regard. They do have a belief that you should be on the next Masters Course and their dogged persistence in trying to connect with you and inspire you to do so is one of the things that will create the feeling of pressure.

2. Say to the Master what it is that you’re feeling for example “I’m feeling really pressured by you to sign up for the Masters Course and it feels like its your Primary for me to be there not mine”

3. Offer them a perspective from Harry from the Avatar Masters Handbook which says  “a commitment should be the result of a rational process rather than an emotional process. Emotional commitments, whether driven by fear or desire are risky to your future integrity and honor ” (Avatar Masters Handbook pg 9) So If I am going to make a commitment to attend the Masters Course I will need to make that a Rationally based decision. In order to help me make that decision what I would require is :

1. A Full Course Outline and Agenda showing how my time will be spent as I’m interested to know how much time I will be spending reviewing the same exercises we have just done on the Avatar Course,

2. The number of new tools and processes I would encounter on the course.

3. A copy of the licensing agreement in advance  for my lawyer to read if this is something you would expect me to sign at the end of the course in order to get my licence.

4. An explanation of the Licencing categories

5. The financial model which would show how much I would earn from delivering Avatar. Please show in detail the scenario where I deliver  to one student on a typical co-operative delivery. Please make sure you detail any costs I would incur to be part of a cooperative delivery.

The answers to these questions which I wish I knew before I turned up for my Masters Course would have certainly helped me feel more aware and more confident of what I was getting myself into.

In Closing, as an attendee of an Avatar Course you will be a target for being registered on the Masters Course. There are exceptions of course and if you are a child, or a person with significant mental issues or if you have such limited skills and ability to manage yourself and your willpower and attention to prevent you from completing  the course you should  be pleasantly left alone when it comes to signing up for the next Masters Course.

For some the Masters Course is an enjoyable  continuation of a Personal Development Journey(The Self Improvement Course Junkie). For some others it is a stepping stone they they must get to if they want to get to the Wizards Course.  For some others it is a necessary step on the journey to becoming a full time self employed Avatar Master. For a few it appears to be a promise that the Masters Course will give them something that they need that they still don’t have  at the end of their first Avatar Course.

For me my first Avatar Course was the best $3000 i’d ever spent as I’d managed to resolve significant life issues and I was very satisfied with the outcome although not satisfied with every aspect of the course and how it was run. My Masters Course Experience was far less positive. I was disappointed that at least half of it seemed to be repeating the exercises from The Avatar Course and that there was very little new material. At the time it felt like a waste of my money.


People who criticize me are psychotic losers with integrity issues!

I think the exercises Harry pulled together from Resurfacing to make up the Personal Integrity Mini Course is a great idea.

I like the idea that working on my own integrity is a great way to make the world more honest and compassionate. I particularly like the idea that Harry calls The Enlightened Justice Procedure. For me the Repentance and Confession steps are not new as most Religions require repentance and confession in order to receive forgiveness. The bit that falls short for me here is that repentance and confession just to receive forgiveness can be an entirely selfish act to make me feel better. When you add the element of making amends for your transgression to the mix it becomes much more powerful and restorative.

So working on becoming more honest by dealing with my own levels of self-deception is a good thing right?

Well here’s something that caught my attention. In the mini course booklet right after the Four Steps to Handle a Transgression the next piece is on Hidden Agendas.  It goes on to describe the dangers of Hidden Agenda’s to a group enterprise. I quote “Anytime an individual, or especially a group, undertakes something,they must have a means of identifying and restraining the nonaligned person with a hidden agenda. Otherwise the enterprise is likely to be sabotaged.” It seemed strange to me that the focus on improving personal integrity in the individual shifts from the individual to their impact on a group. I presume this is a deliberate shift to examine the attitudes of  individuals towards the group Stars Edge.

The next piece in the mini course discusses the Consequences of Behavior  by looking at the impact of Transgressions Kept Secret and then there is a piece on  Looking Beneath the Criticism. This whole next piece is a rather bizarre expose on the transgressions of Masters with “Transgressions Kept Secret” and the terrible criticisms they level at Stars Edge.

Harry explains that dozens of times Masters have chosen to leave the network and then gives  3 reasons for this occurring almost as if these are the only 3 reasons that could exist.

First they commit a transgression that violates their alignment with Star’s Edge, and then they decide to keep it a secret.

Second, keeping the secret makes them feel uncomfortable around other Masters and Avatars so they separate from the network.

Third, they make up lots of good reasons and explanations for their
departure, but none of them has anything to do with the Transgression Kept Secret.

Now hold on a minute! Is he actually saying that any Master who has a criticism of Stars Edge, Harry Palmer or Avatar only does it because they violated their alignment with Stars Edge???   I guess the argument here becomes one of what is implied versus what is actually stated. What I will agree with is that many Masters have left the network.

When I did my first Masters Integrity Course in Florida we were teamed up in small groups to explore topics handed out by Avra at the beginning of each day.  The idea is that we would do the mini course using the topic we were given as the focus of our attention. Surprise surprise! The topics were not on general aspects of integrity but were all on areas that would hold us back from being successful Masters and being fully aligned with Stars Edge, Harry etc. I didn’t have a choice to work on an aspect of integrity that wasn’t on their list so I felt a bit manipulated and controlled into dealing with their agenda not mine.

I believe that the Personal Integrity Course put together by Harry has huge value when used as a solo exploration.  I just don’t get why so much airtime is given to hidden agendas and criticism of Stars Edge by ex Masters. Why even mention it unless it’s a significant problem?

Wisdom requires that in a dispute all allegations must be explored and proven before deciding who is in the wrong but the impression that Harry gives is that anyone who criticizes him does so unjustly, and therefore has an integrity problem.

When I heard of the many complaints of Harry ripping off customers in his previous role in a Scientology mission I didn’t automatically assume that he was guilty nor did I assume that all his accusers had transgressions kept secret regarding money!

What concerns me most, and always has, is that he seems to view any criticism of himself, his company and his product as the product of psychotics and losers with integrity issues.

I guess if I was resistant to being labelled a dishonest psychotic loser I might be afraid to speak up too.

Why I am not allowed to sell houses to Avatars.

In my role as an Avatar Master Stars Edge fully expected and encouraged me to use my network of contacts (family, friends,  friends of friends,  work colleagues, business contacts) as a pool of potential prospects for the Avatar Course.

I did use my workplace as a pool of prospects. For people who I met who were interested in personal development I pushed Avatar as the most powerful personal development course on the planet. I had my employer’s employee’s as students of mine over time and this was something which was frowned upon by some. As I look back I can see how my employer may have viewed this as unethical. As a Leader in their organization my role was unclear to the employee, were they doing the course on the recommendation of me as an individual interested in their well-being? or as a Manager in the organisation recommending something that would add to their development and potential advancement? Stars Edge certainly had no qualms about me using my workplace as a prospect pool and my Master actively encouraged it.

This generating of business from a personal or business network turned out to be a one-way street however. Anybody that I met through Avatar was out-of-bounds for any business relationships.

If I met a student on a course (my student or somebody else’s) who was in the market to buy a house and I was also a Real Estate Agent then I was not allowed to promote myself as such to the person. While the student is on the course I agree that they should be in a “sales free zone” not just from the Masters who have other occupations but also other students who are wanting to push their own barrow.

But what about after they have completed the course and time passes?

Should I only ever have a Master Student relationship with this person?

The exception is that I am allowed to have a “relationship” (emotional, physical etc) with a student once they have completed the Masters course. After all Source Beings should be capable of choosing who they want to be in a relationship with.

I can see the sense in restricting activity that is considered competitive and that seems fair to me. For example if I am a Landmark Forum facilitator and I also deliver the Avatar Course I don’t think it is right that I try to sell Landmark to students who are on the course to experience Avatar. I even think it wouldn’t  be right to try to sell Landmark to these students even after they have completed the course and achieved the status of being a source being. However I imagine that Stars Edge would fully expect that I would recommend Avatar to my Landmark Forum clients.

So it seems that Stars Edge are happy to utilize my network of contacts to generate business for them but they are not happy for me to get any business from someone I meet at an Avatar course even if it is a non competitive situation.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Harry Palmer Educational Psychologist. A Lie or a Mistake?

Hey we all make mistakes.

Mistakes are made all the time and usually have bad consequences when the mistake is attempted to be hidden. A mistake when quickly discovered and confessed to the appropriate parties is an opportunity for learning and also for mercy and grace.

Harry promoted himself in the past as an educational Psychologist. It was an area of interest to him and I can see how a mistake could have occurred.

What I find unusual is that it went as far as Harry being required to sign a cease and desist order of some sort. When the mistake (if that is what it was) was discovered I wonder why Harry didn’t say “I am sorry a mistake has occurred and I will change my marketing material immediately. Why did it need to go as far as having to sign a Cease and Desist order?

I am unaware of Harry apologizing to his 100,000 plus customers for this misleading and untrue representation. I am also wondering what plans he has if any to make amends for the transgression

Integrity and forgiveness programs are a big part of The Avatar toolset. I wonder if Harry has used them on this issue. If he hasn’t then I would be inclined to think of it as not just a mistake. Whenever I came up against this type of thing in Avatar I would be encouraged to use the tools to handle it. Harry I hope you have done so too!

Am I an Avatar Basher?

While some may view me as an Avatar Basher, I dont feel I fit that Label.

Most cynics and critics  seem to have nothing positive to say and have a generally negative view of everything. These people are easy to spot in any organization as they seem to suck the energy and the lifeblood from their host. Perhaps parasite is a better description of these people.

We don’t live in a perfect world and everything isn’t right but it’s not all wrong either. I hold the same view about my own opinions they aren’t always right but they are not always wrong .  That’s not what I experienced with Avatar though, as Harry and the tools were treated with a kind of perfect and untouchable status that made them always right and the questioner always wrong. My view is Harry is not perfect and neither am I.

Feedback is an important tool that Leaders can use to gauge their impact on an organisation. Harry gets a ton of feedback on his success cards but there is no mechanism that he uses to my knowledge to collect information on things that could be improved.  The survey that I created (admittedly designed to give people a chance to highlight areas they felt needed improvement) has turned up some surprising results.

I don’t have any particular desire to see Harry destroyed or locked away like Eldon and some others did. Picking a fight with someone who has a large pool of resources available to him is a hard fight to win.  The you are wrong I am right assertions of people locked in a fight from my past experience is a waste of energy. You just cant change someones belief or viewpoint if they really don’t want it changed.

What I do want is the ability to question/comment on  some of the tools and techniques and practices of Avatar. With medical treatment one of the drawbacks is the potential side effects of any medication. When you take medication you are made aware of the potential side effects. Mental processing using Avatar Tools has created some undesirable side effects in the past and one of the Avatar Rundowns was rewritten by Harry after observing this. I found questioning the tools was just not allowed, even behind the scenes. As Harry says “In a universe based on duality, there is always an opposite viewpoint.”  I just never got the opportunity to share some of those opposing viewpoints.

I would like potential Avatar students to be able to make informed decisions on the suitability of the course. If they only hear the success stories then they wont get a balanced view. I’d like them to be able to hear about the not so positive outcomes too and then if they choose to do it then fine, I’ve no problem with that.

Having personally experienced the tools and having been instrumental in assisting others to use the tools to handle significant life issues I can’t claim that Avatar is harmful. That would be a way too generalizing statement. What I am aware of first hand is that some people have been harmed by their experience of Avatar. So a more accurate definition or warning would be “Some people may experience Avatar as harmful”. Avatar techniques are not foolproof (no pun intended). The Avatar view is that the problems are always with the people never with the tools.  There seems to be a belief within the network that any suggested improvement to any tools and processes is just the result of an out of control ego. Harry and his body of work are untouchable.

I don’t have the desire to spread malicious rumors and lies about Harry either. I have opinions on his work and how his organization is run many of which aren’t too complimentary and sometimes I guess the tone of my comments is a bit insulting. I don’t think Harry is insane either, on the contrary I think Harry is very clever and is very very successful and is totally in control of what he is doing. Over 100,000 customers paying thousands for his courses attest to that. What he does with the profits of Stars Edge is up to him as he owns it. No dramas there. However the high pressure tactics of his network of Masters and the financial dramas created by getting people to borrow money to attend the courses creates enslavement to debt for many and I sure as hell have an issue with that! When I was an active Master we were NEVER encouraged to lend money to students so they could attend any of the courses. I supported this view wholeheartedly but there do appear to be many reports of Masters doing this.

Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet with Harry or discuss my concerns as the only method that I know people use to communicate with him is via  a success card.

I don’t think the growth of Avatar will be harmed in any way by what I say as there are always people looking for something new and enlightening and will become new converts or members of organizations no matter what bad publicity there is. After all Scientology still gets new recruits and there is a shitload of bad press about them. By the way I always thought that Harry leaving  Scientology gave him more credibility in my eyes.

On the Cult thing. There are cult characteristics in the Avatar organisation just as there have been in some companies I have worked for. The level of cult danger with Avatar in my opinion is realtively low. Perhaps the most comforting thing here is that I have never seen or heard of people being discouraged from walking away from it if they feel it is not for them. However they would certainly be discouraged from leaving a course without achieving an acceptable result!

I don’t believe that Avatar is the key to creating an EPC I never have, although I do like the idea of one.  I don’t believe in previous lives, or Harry’s story about him finding himself on a planet in another part of the Galaxy (other than in his own mind rather than a physical reality).

What I do agree with Harry on is that our difference in beliefs is a major cause of conflict in the world.

What I do find Stars Edge very short on is any tangible acts (other than delivering the courses) that improve the human condition.  Sadly the families and friends often view the new Avatar’s enlightened condition in a not so positive light. Often they report a deterioration in the relationships and financial situations of the Masters particularly.

Bashing Avatar no, taking the piss occasionally yes, repentant frequently.

Footnote: If Avatar Bashers are psychotics and losers wouldn’t it be a better idea to extend them some real compassion rather than responding to a Bash with a Bash? The eye for an eye type of response from the Guardian Heart of Stars Edge seems a bit unevovled to me.

Why I no longer deliver the Avatar Course

In response to a question on why I no longer associate with Avatar I have previously given the following answer which has been edited for clarity purposes.

My process of waking up and leaving Avatar was simply that, “a process”
Unfortunately people who leave Avatar and speak out are sent hate mail by some of the unbalanced few and slapped with a law suit by Stars Edge if they reveal any of the confidential materials so one needs to tread carefully.

There were a few things that built over time for me as warning signs about the group I now consider a Multi- Level Marketing Cult (not a particularly dangerous one compared to some others, but a cult none the less).
1. The regular team of people I worked with (around 20 of them) were a great group when everything was going well and we were either on course together or trying to generate students for the next course. In stark contrast to this if I was struggling in any way not to do directly with Avatar there was zero support. I have had approximately 3 phone calls since I had a health scare and dropped out of the regular Avatar delivery scene a few years ago. I asked myself “If these guys are such a committed team and all want to support others to improve their lives why did only 3 bother to call to see how I was doing? I loved these guys. An explanation for this which I heard offered by a trainer is “If you are trying to save the planet you don’t have time to waste with people who are not moving forward. It’s a better return on your effort to only focus on people who are moving ahead and getting new students and not waste your time with people who could drag you down”.
My Conclusion: If you are not generating students you are not actually contributing to Harry’s EPC and therefore are not worth supporting.

2. I had a close friend who like me was on the path to full-time Avatar and committing to making it their life’s work. I became quietly and secretly horrified when they were considering dumping their partner who was unsupportive. Unsupportive here means:

a)complaining at the amount of time the Master spends giving intro’s and flying away to attend courses


b) complaining that the Master was spending too much of their money on intern fees, airfares and accommodation.
The suggestion from the Stars Edge Trainer (one of several who has a broken family) was “When you show up for your life others are bound to get stirred up because they are not showing up for theirs. Do you want to pursue your dream or be held back by others and go back to sleep?” The number of Avatar Masters that I know of who are delivering full time and who have a stable family I could count on one hand.

My Conclusion: Becoming a committed and aligned Avatar Master means having a job, being a partner, father, mother, etc is all secondary to the cause.

3. I had two female friends who were nice people, quite smart and on to it who suffered psychotic breaks after a course and ended up needing hospitalization. The view within the network is changing around people who have any kind of depression or mental illness. The learning here has been that you need to steer clear of these people if possible as they will probably have some serious emotional instability post course and attack the source of their awakening. The idea that the instability could actually be triggered by the Avatar processes never enters the Masters heads and any students who have these issues are usually not discussed or spoken of at all.
My Conclusion: The Avatar tools are not foolproof when it comes to managing your mental state. I guess Harry’s view is that any failure is the fault of the person using the tools and not applying them correctly. Many people seem to make it through the basic course OK (remember that most people are on the course to handle major life issues) but too many are experiencing harmful effects during the course and afterwards and the number of people requiring hospitalization during the course is too great to ignore anymore.

4. Over time I started to see that any questioning of Harry or a Trainer or a fellow Master was greeted with “What identity are you in?” or “Why are you projecting things onto others?”  While I think there is some merit in the idea that what I dislike or react to in others is probably the same things that I don’t like in myself it doesn’t mean that the behavior that triggered it doesn’t also require some attention.  I found that any time I spoke up about or challenged the behavior (or integrity) of someone above me in the chain of command that I was automatically assumed to be in an identity and had some integrity work that I needed to do. The problem here for me was not that I needed to do some work on myself or that I needed to take more personal responsibility but that there was never an acknowledgement that the other party possibly had some work to do as well.

When I heard some claims that Harry had ripped people off in his previous role in running a scientology mission  I wanted to satisfy myself that the claim was either bogus or had some truth to it. After all you don’t usually get the full picture by hearing only one side of the story.  Searching the internet for “dirt” on Harry was seen as a hidden agenda on my part, presumably I had the intention to discredit Harry.

My Conclusion: With great power comes great responsibility and putting someone in a place of unquestionable authority is dangerous.  It is a classic ploy of cult leaders and egomaniacs to make any challenge to their authority something that not only is discouraged but also brings some threat to your own well-being. If  history is anything to go by Leaders who abuse their power and others often end up with some sort of rebellion to deal with.

5. At Wizards I experienced bizarre adulation and worship of Harry. I also saw the extreme control and manipulation of Trainers and Masters by Avra. Harry is protected from the adoring crowds by staying distant and guru like and Avra encourages every gain that a person makes to be written down on a success card and sent to Harry who reads each one. All appreciation and adoration must flow to Harry.I have seen more  encouragement to worship Harry at Wizards than I ever saw encouragement to worship God in a church.

My Conclusion: Wake the hell up Doctor! You are being peddled multi-level enlightenment from a guy who found himself on another planet in another galaxy. You are not part of an episode of Dr Who so for goodness sake pull out and abort mission.

6. The time from my exit to the time when I came firmly to the conclusion that Avatar is the personal moneymaking empire of Harry Palmer and Avra Honey Smith has been years in the making. During this period I have been uneasy and reluctant to speak out. Is my unease part of the prolonged indoctrination I received in the cult?
My Conclusion: For the idealists like me who love to believe in a “cause” and like the idea of living a life serving and sharing with others rather than one of selfish gain, Avatar seemed like a God send at the time. I was suckered by the EPC ideal and for that I feel shame and embarrassment. For the people I got into Avatar who experienced some harm as a result I feel sadness and remorse.

7. After being alerted to the dangers of mind control techniques on one of the cult awareness websites I started to do more research and am now alarmed at the similarity between some of the processes covert hypnotists and conversational hypnotists use and the effects of some of the ReSurfacing exercises.
My Conclusion: When the Attention and Will exercises done in Avatar produce the same shut down of critical thinking and reasoning that Hypnotists use to put unknowing subjects into a highly suggestible state, it would be best not to do that around someone who has the goal of selling you thousands of dollars worth of personal development courses. I believed I was awake and Living Deliberately. Without projecting my problems on Avatar could it be possible that I was cleverly manipulated when I was in a highly suggestible state after applying the Avatar tools? Can I believe that a belief I hold is a deliberate one, when in fact it is just the expression of a previous indoctrination? Scarily I think there are scores of Avatar Masters who are slaves to the indoctrination of Harry, Avra, The Stars Edge Trainers and their QM’s.

As always one needs to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Some of the techniques and tools in Avatar do create results and many attendees claim lasting change and are better for the experience. However there is growing evidence that some people are harmed and for this reason caution rather than blind faith is advised.

Why the Avatar Compassion exercise is not that compassionate

Avatar Masters get all excited about Harry’s Compassion Exercise and I have done it plenty of times myself. I started to wonder if the exercise was actually making any difference to the world around me so I started to examine what actually happens when someone does the exercise.

What I discovered is that for me it actually became  a selfish exercise which lulled me into observing others from a distance with no need to get involved. If you have done the exercise and had a different result I’d like to hear about it.

The expected result according to Harry is a personal sense of peace.The actual result for me was a sense that everything is OK and I could calmly observe things from a distance and therefore very peaceful.
How can an exercise designed to increase compassion leave you with a sense of peace? Compassion by definition is co-suffering. This shared sense of suffering is what will move you and motivate you to change the circumstances and therefore the experience of the sufferer, not feel at a personal sense of peace in spite of their suffering!

The compassion exercise is encouraged to be done in busy places like shopping malls and airports. Keep an eye out for a person with a dopey smile observing people from a distance. It goes something like this:

Oh look there is a smelly homeless person.

I repeat to myself:

  • “Just like me this person is seeking some happiness for his/her life.
  • Just like me this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life.
  • Just like me this person has known sadness, loneliness and despair.
  • Just like me this person is seeking to fulfill his/her needs.
  • Just like me this person is learning about life.” (Compassion exercise ends).

The thought that “Unlike me they are NOT happy, clean and well fed” is unlikely to cross your mind. The more likely scenario follows.
“Wow I am feeling all peaceful and calm and compassionate. Right, I think I’ll go and get myself a coffee”.

Harry says “Love is an expression of the willingness to create space in which something is allowed to change”

A more useful definition would be that “Love is an expression of actions that enable the lives of others to change for the better”

Avatars get off your ass and actually do something useful to alleviate suffering rather than standing around with a dopey look on your face feeling all personally peaceful.

As an aside, in earlier versions of The Resurfacing Handbook Harry encouraged this exercise to be done on alien life forms. It has since been edited to read “other life forms”. I guess it was changed to “Other Life Forms” because either:

a) students recognize the complete Fruitcake nature of it too easily


b) too many people were killed by trucks as they wandered highways gazing heavenward in the search of aliens and it became a physical health issue as well as a mental health issue.

Mind Control Techniques in Avatar, Deliberate or Coincidental?

Does your mind need controlling?

Let’s face it your mind appears to be designed to generate random thoughts almost continuously. Many of these thoughts appear to be negative.

When left to its own devices the mind does not appear to revert to a naturally quiet state. Even in our sleep our unconscious mind works overtime conjuring up dreams and images for us to observe and effect us.

As people have observed the busy mind generating all sorts of thoughts they have noticed that we often seem to get lost in our thoughts (some form of mentally manufactured reality) and less present. Countless spiritual movements and human potential courses strive to create the state of being totally aware and present with the thought generator switched off. This state which appears to me to be totally unnatural, is desired and striven for by many.

The Avatar course tends to treat the mind as something generally unhelpful and in need of being controlled. The mind aspect they refer to frequently is your attention. Harry has an elaborate explanation of attention that talks about your attention actually being particles of energy that are either neutral or biased.  A positive bias indicates something that one would desire and a negative bias indicates something that one would resist. It is an interesting idea and one that has some observable phenomena but I doubt that there is any scientific proof to the idea that our attention is actually particles of energy. Harry thinks that you can actually weigh a thought if you had scales sensitive enough.

What we do know is that the unruly mind which generates an endless stream of thought can be manipulated. Hypnotists, NLP practitioners, and a host of others have realized this and apply a range of techniques to exert some form of control over the unruly beast.

Techniques that bypass or switch off our critical thinking can be helpful or harmful. Allowing myself to be hypnotized to convince me that I don’t want to smoke  may be seen as helpful whereas being brainwashed by a cult leader to leave my job and family and donate all my money to him probably is unhelpful.

In the Avatar Course you will spend 9 days doing exercises that switch off or exert some form of control over your mind so you can achieve a more “felt” perception of the world. It seems that the belief here is that something that is perceived through feel is more reliable than perceiving something through your mind which is distorted by all its biases. By feeling you supposedly perceive something just as it is without the mind having any interference or bias placed on the experience.

For those wanting to quiet their mind or at least gain some respite, the tools experienced in the Avatar Course will deliver some amazing results.

The problem for me is that if I switch off my critical thinking( which is potentially the results of millions of years of evolution and designed for self-preservation or perhaps a divine creation) then I am not only going to be more present and aware but also more suggestible.

When I have spent hours switching off my mind using Avatar Tools then how self-determined will I actually be when someone suggests to me that I sign up for the Masters Course? Any resistance will be met with a suggestion to use the tools to handle the things that come up for me or get triggered when the suggestion is made. Seeing the tools will quiet my agitated mind and induce a feeling of calm and oneness with all there is then there wont be any reason for me to resist any more will there? It is likely that I will make the commitment to handle whatever is in my way of attending the next Masters course, regardless of where in the world it is being delivered.

I don’t for a moment believe that Avatar Masters are willingly and deliberately  engaged in mind control techniques with the students of the course to get them to the next Masters Course. The subtle difference is that they are actively involved in supporting students to realize their dreams and to contribute towards the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization using the Avatar Tools to handle any secondaries. The distinction here is one of motive. Avatar Masters are motivated to help others. What has happened along their own journey is a continual indoctrination by Harry and others that Students will only be happy and achieve their personal dreams and goals  by attending all the Avatar Courses and then contributing to the creation of an EPC by the only accepted means possible which is…….. to generate more students for the courses.  What a clever self-sustaining creation Harry!

Do mind control techniques and pressure tactics get used on Avatar courses? Of course they do. Over 70% of respondents to my survey on the course felt pressured to do the Masters course. Yes even the most positive Avatar Supporters admit this. The bizarre thing is the Avatar Masters doing this to their students are almost totally blind to what they are actually doing and believe that they have good motives. As an aside perhaps many of the people involved in the dissemination of Communist Propaganda believed that their motives were pure too.

When active as an Avatar Master I believed I was doing a good thing. Helping people handle stuff in their lives that was causing them pain and suffering seemed like a worthwhile contribution to humanity.

What I did notice over time however was that the support of people to realize their goals and dreams and to live better lives was only available from the Avatar network if that meant that the student wanted to deliver Avatar or attend additional Avatar Courses. After all Harry believes the best way to create an EPC is to have all who can afford it to pay for and attend all of his courses. There are many attendees that will attend the course, get love bombed and achieve some amazing results during their 9 days but the stories you will hear from participants about their Master supporting them to achieve their own personal primaries that don’t involve contributing to the expansion of Avatar will be few and  far between.

Mind Control is an observable phenomena. It exists in many areas of our lives from parents programming values into their children, through marketers making us more susceptible to sales messages to buy their various brands of products, to side-show Hypnotists making people do weird shit to make us laugh, and perhaps worst of all Cult Leaders convincing us to forsake all to gain us access to their own particular Kingdom of Heaven.

The best form of mind control would be to brainwash everyone into only treating others the way that they would want to be treated.

Avatar and indoctrination

One of the most fascinating aspects of Avatar graduates and certainly those of practicing Avatar Masters is their beliefs around indoctrination.  What I have observed and also experienced is that they generally believe they are free from indoctrination.

In Avatar terms beliefs can fall into 2 categories with regard to indoctrination. Beliefs are either Deliberate or Indoctrinated. A deliberate belief is one that you have chosen that doesn’t require any prior evidence for it to be true. An indoctrinated belief is one where you have taken on beliefs suggested by others without any deliberate scrutiny.

You can experience a belief with different levels of certainty and you can also experience them as helpful or impeding. For example I may have picked up a belief that “I will never amount to anything” from my parents who kept telling me that as a kid.  I may experience it as 100% true and every time I fail at something I will create further evidence that it is true. As you can imagine this type of indoctrinated belief may be extremely unhelpful and will continue to produce life experiences that are not that desirable.

On the Avatar course you will do some exercises that explore the effect that your beliefs are having on you and it can be quite enlightening. Recognizing that the belief “I will never amount to anything” is in fact an indoctrination and replacing it with one like “I am talented and successful”  will allow me to gather evidence for the new belief and give me a totally different view of the world. This is one of the reasons that many Avatar graduates feel the course is so powerful. In fact an indoctrinated belief that the Avatar Masters will present you with is that Avatar is the most effective and powerful personal development course on the planet.

To the rational or skeptical observer the claim that Avatar is the most powerful and effective personal development course on the planet requires that the claim must be supported with evidence. Most Avatar graduates have the only  the evidence based on their own personal gains on the course. To them there is no need to compare it to other personal development courses because they already believe it to be true. As a result they have been successfully indoctrinated. As you will be aware, arguing with someone who believes something to be 100% true and getting them to change their viewpoint based on new rational evidence is extremely difficult. This is probably a good explanation of why people believe in God without scientific empirical data of his existence. The mere act of holding a belief with no evidence of its truth is pure faith.

In cults and religions there is a concerted effort to align the belief systems of followers.  Lack of alignment on what you believe is the reason for most conflicts in the world. Moral codes are an example of a belief system where if everyone is aligned to the beliefs the end result is meant to be a healthier society for everyone but I digress.

Most people are relatively suspicious of cults because looking at them from the outside you can see that they use all sorts of mind control methods to keep people in line and following the vision of the leader. From the inside the awareness of the levels of indoctrination are much less obvious. This is certainly the case for Avatar graduates.

When I did the Avatar course my guard was lowered because in the first 2 days of the course you get to explore indoctrination and its effects on your life. I was comforted by the idea that exposing what indoctrination was all about would not be something that a cult would be interested in doing as it would expose their own attempts to indoctrinate you.

The idea that Avatar is the most powerful personal development course on the planet is quite clearly an indoctrination attempt (and usually a very successful one!)

It wasn’t until I left Avatar and had a couple of years away from it that I began to engage my critical thinking ability and started to see the level of indoctrination that I received and that I had also dished out to my students.

In my opinion the Avatar courses are full of indoctrination’s and the Stars Edge network of Avatar Masters and trainers are full of indoctrination. However this doesn’t actually make them different or more dangerous than many other forms of indoctrination.

What does set Harry and Star’s Edge apart is that his effort to deliver an Enlightened Planetary Civilization is built on a commercial model around creating as many Avatars Masters and Wizards as possible and that makes for a very profitable business out of selling “Enlightenment”. Harry makes no apologies for the fact that his technology is not free and he has an elaborate explanation for why this is so. Avatar graduates who have paid for the course and previously had doubts for why it was so expensive are actually comforted by this explanation.

The technology that Harry has introduced to allow people to manage their belief systems to live more self-determined lives (some have described it as a form of self-hypnosis) is the exact same technology that he uses to indoctrinate his followers and to further his own personal goals around the expansion of the commercial enterprise for which he is the sole owner.

Sadly Avatar will not create the Enlightened Planetary Civilization that he promotes but in the mean time he has successfully developed a Global Business Enterprise and has over 100,000 customers, many who give him repeat business. He has created a Brand Identity (Avatar) which has incredible loyalty (ignoring the disgruntled and unhappy customers) and indoctrination has been a key tool to achieve it.

So please, if you are considering doing the Avatar course, take it from me that you will be exposed to all sorts of indoctrination methods and techniques.

The tools that you use to quiet your mind in the Avatar course will turn off its ability to think critically. The experience of this is very blissful and calm and feels great but it is also when you will be most vulnerable for suggestion to sign up for the Masters Course.

Most Avatar Masters have no idea that they are involved in the process of indoctrinating others. Their own indoctrination has been so successful that they genuinely believe that what they are doing is helpful and that getting you on to an Avatar course will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Do not  try to have rational arguments with them it is a complete waste of time. Lack of interest in the course and its objectives is probably your best defense.  The moment you show any interest and willingness to explore they will move heaven and earth to get you signed up for the next course.

Let’s be careful out there!


The profile of a typical successful Avatar Master

The Avatar course is delivered by a bunch of people called Avatar Masters. To be an Avatar Master you need to have completed the Avatar Course (9 days) and have completed the Avatar Masters course (9 days) and been granted a licence to deliver the course.

It is the goal of Stars Edge that every Avatar student goes on to attend all the advanced courses (The Masters Course, The Professional Course, The Wizards Course). As soon as The Masters Course has been completed the new Master will encouraged to attend the next Avatar Delivery in their area as an Interning Master with a student they have recruited   In addition to these courses you can also attend an Integrity Course and a couple of varieties of The Masters Empowerment Workshop. This brings the cost of your enlightenment with Avatar to over $40K.

Out of the over 100,000 people who have completed the Avatar course there are only a few thousand practicing and not many remotely successful Masters.  I believe there are a number of reasons for this.

Seeing I no longer deliver the courses and I failed to achieve my Primary to be a Successful QM you could view my observations as those of a bitter dropout who wants to attach blame to someone else rather than accept the responsibility for my own failure. Yes its true that I failed and gave up and I accept that, but even failures sometimes have the capacity to observe patterns.

Treat the following beliefs (sometimes expressed with sarcasm) as beliefs rather than truth. The truth as they say is up to you to decide.

Belief #1. Successful Avatar Masters are a bit like successful Amway people. They have no hesitation in turning every family member, friend  business colleague, acquaintance   person they sit next to on the bus or stand behind in the supermarket queue into a “prospect”

Belief #2. Because the family, friends etc of the Avatar Master get sick and tired of hearing “Avatar speak” and endless requests to do the course the Master starts to find the only people that want to hang out with them are other Avatar Masters struggling desperately to find students.

Belief #3. Successful full time Masters are likely to be single or have a partner who is also into it. Not many successful Masters have successful relationships with partners who are not supporters of Avatar. They are unlikely to have anything that resembles a family unit comprising of parents and children living happily together.

Belief #4. Successful Masters are prepared to devote the majority of their time to prospecting and supporting people to be on the next Avatar course (even if it is on the other side of the world).

Belief #5. The successful Avatar Master will have totally bought into the whole EPC thing and will treat everything  Harry Palmer says a “truth” and will follow Avra’s direction without question.

Belief #6 The successful Avatar Master will be good at convincing people to do the course and yet inspite of this will have constant money problems.

Belief #7. They will have no idea that they are part of an organisation that some brand as a cult and will be totally unwilling to explore that possibility as they have been brainwashed into thinking any doubts about Harry Palmer are just a projection of their own “out of integrity” stuff.

Belief #8 They will be blind to the reality that the consistent failure of many of their primaries to manifest is actually a reflection on the efficacy of the tools.

Belief #9. Successful Avatar Masters are actually successful because of their personality type and skill and drive (sometimes nothing to do with application of the Avatar Tools) . They would be good salespeople, telemarketers for other organisations too! (my observation of Stars Edge Trainers and many of the Qualified Masters is they worked incredibly hard and also put in extremely long hours. Like many things in life you wont be successful if you are lazy)

Belief #10. They will have learned to become unquestioning followers of anyone higher up in the Stars Edge Network and will have learned that questioning those in more advanced (more powerful) positions only results in being assigned more exercises to do, so any challenge to the authority or structure of the Stars Edge Network is futile.

Belief #11. The fact that Harry Palmer promoted himself for years as an Educational Psychologist when he had no such qualifications will have no effect on them whatsoever and if challenged with these facts they will have some explanation that they will believe that makes the fact that he misrepresented himself immaterial.

and the list could go on……

The impact of the Avatar Course on family and friends

I have heard countless stories from Avatar graduates about their experiences of getting to their first course and the hurdles they had to overcome to get there.

What I am fairly ignorant of however is the experience of the persons family or friends. Were they asked to go to? Were they asked for money to help the person attend? Did they see any changes in the person post course? Were the changes positive or negative? etc. etc.

If you are someone who knows someone who did the Avatar course, what is your impression of the effect of the course on their lives?

Please, do tell,  and comment at your leisure.

Is challenging a leader healthy?

I find the area of loyalty and support to leaders shaky ground indeed.

In the Middle East we are seeing the tide turning against despotic leaders. When the masses under a corrupt leader do nothing the leader stays in power and continues to abuse it. Unfortunately revolt which manages to displace leaders often also creates many innocent victims.

In a democratic system we can have our say via a vote and base our opinion on whatever we like. Our opinion is likely to be swayed by what we are presented with in the media and the views of our friends and work mates.

What about in cults and religions? It seems that any questioning of the leader is a form of betrayal. In a cult there is usually a leader who has absolute power and control over the cults doctrines and the running of the organization tasked with spreading it’s message.

I have seen church leaders try to project and protect the idea that they are God’s anointed and rejected any form of accountability to others. Some of them have been exposed for the grubby sinners that they are and have been ousted having caused years of abuse to many. Being able to question them may have prevented this bulletproof screen of their own shady moral character.

In Christianity there is a lot of questioning of God and his motives by characters in scripture and these characters don’t seem to have been universally obliterated for their daring to question and challenge. If God can handle people questioning his word and his very existence why can’t man?

When a leader of a country or an organization (or a cult) sets themselves up as unquestionable and makes confession of any doubting of the leader an issue of integrity then warning bells ring loudly in my ears.

Harry Palmer the author of the Avatar materials has as part of his Wizards course an exercise where thoughts or actions unaligned with him or his corporation Stars Edge are encourage to be confessed and handled with a process for  “Secrets or Hidden Agenda’s”. Making amends for these out of integrity issues is also encouraged.

The idea that questioning Harry or his materials is a sign of one’s own lack of integrity sets him apart and free of censure or correction. Surely this is a sign that he is a leader who fears a challenge to his self proclaimed status.

Harry is supposed to be elected to his office by the Senior Avatar Council but there is no record of its existence or its members to my knowledge (feel free to correct me if you know differently)

I would think long and hard about committing myself to an organization shrouded in secrecy and lead by someone who cant be criticized or corrected.

The problem with Primaries

In Avatar a “Primary” is a belief you have created and experienced fully with no “Secondaries”

Secondaries have a detailed set of dictionary like descriptions created by Harry Palmer the author of the Avatar materials. A secondary is basically anything that would occur that would make the primary untrue or not manifest as a reality. An example of a secondary to the Primary “I am happy” would be an immediate thought “I’d be happy if I had more cash and my wife wasn’t such a bitch”

On the Avatar Course you get to create a bunch of primaries and experience them as real without any doubts. You make the statement and totally believe it is true and experience it as a reality. It’s quite a blast if you are an ugly person and you create the primary “I am beautiful and sexy”.

If you are a true uggo (as viewed by others) and have been told this you most probably experience the belief “I am ugly”. To change your personal reality to being beautiful can be a life changing experience. The world looks different from this place.

The idea of personal reality is it is whatever you believe it is (and therefore you experience it that way)

We have all wondered about the anorexic who is an emaciated rack of  skin and bone and wondered how they can see a fat person when they look in the mirror. Maybe it’s the fat girl wearing the extra short mini skirt and we say to ourselves “What is she thinking???”

There is no doubt that our personal reality may not be a reality shared with others. Being able to change our own personal reality with a technology like Avatar seems very appealing to people who want to change their self image and their experience of the world.

Some people seek counseling, or do some cognitive behavioral therapy, or get hypnotized to achieve it.

Avatar technology appears at first glance to be brilliant in this regard. You can change your reality by changing the belief that creates it and you don’t have to go to an expensive psychotherapy session to do it. You will however pay $2000 to $3000 to spend 9 days discovering how to do it and leave with a belief implanted in your consciousness that if you don’t continue on the path you will lose what you have gained and metaphorically go back to sleep.

When you experience it for the first time it is mind blowing. Creating and experiencing “I am happy to be me” is a real blast if you spend most of your time feeling miserable.

The problem is that these states are temporary. I can create “I am happy to be me ” and experience it today  but wake up tomorrow feeling miserable again.

Avatar’s explanation is that when I woke up I just hit another level of my consciousness and a piece that needs to be integrated. After all consciousness is only in the present and the past does not exist unless I am recreating it every moment. The more likely explanation is that the temporary state of self induced hypnosis has worn off and I am back to feeling how I naturally feel.

I am all for managing how you feel and being deliberate about it. If you are going to feel angry you might as well be angry deliberately and not some out of control looney.

What the Avatar tools promise is a self created reality of my own choosing. The idea seems great and perhaps that is why so many people repeat courses again and again as it seldom happens like that after the course when I am back in the real world.

Even more spooky is when you create a primary that isn’t in your own mind but requires the agreement of others in order to be true. The primary “I have a million bucks in my bank account” isn’t real until the million bucks are actually in the  account. The belief that the million bucks will somehow manifest is either extremely hopeful or delusional. For this type of primary to manifest you actually require hard work for it to become real. This makes me wonder about the power of the primary. Does the primary  just give me the motivation to work hard and make it real instead of hitting the secondary “It’s too hard I think I’ll just have a beer instead”? If it is hard work and aligned efforts that make the primary manifest as a reality then I don’t need the avatar tools do I?

I could create the primary “My wife loves me” which requires her to agree with it or me to manipulate her reality until it is true or I could work on being more lovable. Which seems more sensible?

I have seen many people use primaries to try and manipulate the external world to conform to their belief system and I find myself wondering “What’s the point?”.  I have heard of Avatar Masters creating the Primary “I get an upgrade to business class” for some travel they have booked. The net result is usually that they waste lots of time an energy hoping that their primary would manifest and then having to face the reality that they just didn’t handle all the secondaries. A better primary would have been “I am happy and comfortable traveling economy” at least that way they could control the outcome.

My conclusion is that Harry’s Technology for creating reality can be successful in bending your own mind to meet a new reality but has no special power other than the power of blind faith to change external reality.

Jesus when giving a lesson on faith said “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”As I don’t see many people moving mountains I think he may have been referring to the incredible power of pure faith but also it’s rarity. I have seen Avatar Masters repeatedly fail to manifest their Primaries to have students at the next course so I conclude that Harry’s technology is not that useful in anything other than changing one’s own mind.

If you want to be successful, roll your sleeves up and work at with determination and a kind and pleasant demeanor and let the fruit loops rely on superstition or Harry’s technology for their success.

By all means use techniques that you find successful that create greater control of your own mind a more stable and deliberate you.  Leave controlling the minds of others to cult leaders and sideshow hypnotists.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that the providers of  tools and processes to better use your mind can sell you a ticket to enlightenment at any price.

Are experiences determined by our beliefs or is it not that simple?

On the Avatar Course you will be presented with the idea that belief precedes experience.  The idea is that all experiences are preceded by beliefs and that it is the knowing or unknowing adoption of those beliefs which determine the experience.

Beliefs can be categorized into Helpful or Unhelpful and either Deliberate or Indoctrinated. The following belief expressed to a young child “Dont play in the traffic or you will get hurt” is an example of a Helpful belief which has been Indoctrinated.

Many people believe it is the other way around and that my experiences determine my beliefs.  For example my being cheeky to a large aggressive kid in the playground may have delivered the experience of a beating. As a result of the beating I may have adopted the belief “Don’t get cheeky to big kids or you could get pummeled”.  I may also have experienced the beating as painful and humiliating and then created a judgment to go with the belief along the lines of Pain and humiliation are unpleasant and to be avoided. The judgment I create to attach to the belief will determine either the desirability or resistance of the experience being repeated.

My reaction to getting the beating may have spawned other beliefs like “I dont like getting hurt” or “big kids are dangerous”. Few of us experience the situation fully and without judgement just as it is. You probably wouldn’t respond with “Ah a beating, I feel pain. I feel  a bend in my nose that wasn’t there before. An interesting experience”

I believe it is unlikely that experience of every event in my life is determined by a belief. What about the experiences I have for the very first time that I haven’t thought about at all. Surprise could be the definition of your reaction to an event which you have no predetermined belief for. Beliefs certainly can determine the response to an event but I think the autopilot reactions we have may not be.

I think it is more likely that some beliefs can be adopted deliberately that create an experience like “I am going to have a good time tonight” . Other beliefs are created as a result of our experience like “I don’t like feeling left out”

We can observe different people experiencing the same event and yet responding differently to the experience. This may explain the fight or flight response some people have to a traumatic event. Two people are walking down a dark alleyway and a knife wielding man appears from the shadows. One person runs away in fear and the other person confronts the attacker. Did beliefs determine the response or was it something more fundamental happening at an unconscious level?

We see some people in life who have an optimistic outlook (determined by their positive beliefs about the future) and we see others with a more pessimistic outlook (determined by their negative beliefs about the future) In this example the “belief precedes experience” idea  is a lot easier to observe and this is a great example of the self fulfilling prophesy. People who feel lucky often seem to experience more luck that those who feel unlucky.

The baby who gets a fright from a loud bang and responds with tears is a lot harder to judge. Did the baby hear the loud bang and then decide “Loud bangs are frightening” and then experience the physical reaction and resultant tears because of that belief. I dont think so.

As an experiment try this. Get a hammer and hit one of your fingers with it fairly hard. I predict you will experience pain. I also predict that as a result of the experience of that pain you will create or adopt some beliefs. One might be “What a bloody stupid thing to do!” There are a myriad of others. What I also predict is that you didn’t need to adopt a belief prior to being hit by the hammer that it would be painful. The pain probably existed regardless of what you believed would happen.  It is in this realm that we find people who have mastered the use of mental techniques to overcome pain (possibly the sideshow guy who lies on a bed of nails) I do know it is possible to train the mind to change the intensity of the experience and possibly remove the pain entirely.

To simplify the complex human experience down to the idea that we simply experience what we believe is not clever or enlightened, it is fraught with danger. For a start we experience things in different realms that are difficult to measure. There is the physical realm where sensations appear, There is a mental realm which can be conscious or unconscious and there is probably a spiritual realm. A voice in my head (the mental realm) that tells me that I can fly (physical realm) may create a belief that gravity doesn’t apply to me and will probably end up with me having an after death experience (in the spiritual realm)

My conclusion is that there is a scale at which one end you could put beliefs precede experience and at the other end you could put experience precedes belief. Deciding that there are only two possibilities is a belief that may create a war or a religion. Be careful what you wish for.

By all means explore the impact your beliefs are having on your life and if you want to, and if you are able, change them if you wish.

What we believe is extremely important and it impacts the lives of all we come into contact with so  make sure your beliefs enhance the collective good rather than your own selfish gain and treat every other being as you would yourself

Links for people considering the Avatar Course

Here are a number of sites that I recommend people visit before signing up to do an Avatar Course. Due diligence should be important to anyone contemplating handing over thousands in cash to an organization that makes its products confidential and where breaches of this confidentiality may cost you US $10,000 per infringement.

Dutch site exposing Avatar  A site with lots of Avatar related info worth visiting by anyone considering doing an Avatar Course

Avatar’s own site    The site run by Star’s Edge the corporation owned by Harry Palmer

Boomtown Rap  A blog site with a variety of views from Avatar friendly and not so friendly people

An online petition to get Harry Palmer investigated.

TV article on how to spot a cult   You tube video

Happy searching.


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Thanks to all who have completed the survey so far. The survey gets renewed every time we reach 100 respondents.

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Avatar course reviews from attendees

There have been a number of sites dedicated to exposing Harry Palmer, auth0ur of The Avatar Materials and his personally owned corporation Stars Edge International.

Due to the cult like nature of the organization and its requirements for confidentiality and threats of law suits for breaking confidentiality there are very few people willing to speak out against Harry Palmer or Avatar.

This post is dedicated to the experiences of those who have actually experienced the Avatar materials and it’s effect on their lives and their loved ones.

Feedback on any experience if balanced should not only include the highs but also the lows if you want a balanced view on it’s overall impact.

Naturally Avatar like any corporation looking for new customers will only put the Success stories from its happy customers in it’s marketing materials so you get the best of the best but not the average. With over 100,000 paying customers obviously some people are getting benefit from it. However over time there seems to be a growing number of people who have been harmed by their use of the Avatar Tools or their experience of the Stars Edge network who oversees the delivery of the courses worldwide.

It’s  time for the truth to come out about the experiences not seen on Avatar websites or marketing materials. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on your actual experience by leaving a comment.